Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tree Decorations

I'm on a roll :o) Some tree decorations sewn & knitted. Christmas is just around the corner & down the road a bit, so it's all hands to the needles :o) They're not brilliant, but we all have to start somewhere, don't we ?


  1. HELLLLLLOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! So glad you have started a blog :):) Your Christmas decorations are amazing :) and your garden looks really good. I am off to Bath on Thursday, looking forward to that :) Will see you both next week xx

  2. Grrr. I removed the post above cos it had a spelling mistake in it (gaden instead of garden)& I couldn't find out where to alter it :o) Sad, aren't I ?! :o)

    Anyway - all I said was:

    Thanks Val :o) Confession time though - the pic of the garden is from April - it's looking a bit sad now that it's October !! Have fun in Bath - I'll look out for your shenanigans on the news !! :o))

  3. Lovely decs Pat; busy crafting as always LOL I have to get a tree decoration for Leah made as am hoping to make her one every year. Will have to wait until No 2 is born to determine whether to get a blue or a pink "Baby's first Christmas" one.

  4. When Caleb was born, I decided to buy him a tree decoration every year, so that by the time he was grown up, he'd have a nice little collection. I did the ssame for Eli when he was born, so it's now become a tradtion, albeit a fairly new one :o) They have a little stocking each that we pin on our fireplace & the decorations go in them.