Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Farewell 2011 - nearly :o)

Well, 2011 hasn't been my favourite year. I had high hopes for it after 2010 was so horrible, but alack & alas, 'twas not to be !! :o)) For 20 plus years, around the end of December, my MiL has always said  *the new year is going to be GOOD for you & Shaun*, but after so many disappointments, I told her I was going to gag her on Christmas Eve & not take it off till after Twelfth Night :o) Maybe if she kept quiet, things would be OK. However, I live in hopes, not miracles !!:o))

From redundancy to paralysis, from tribunal to family break ups, from hospital, doctor, clinic & nurses (110 appointments in total just in 2010) we've lurched from one disaster to another & it's only been the love & support from good friends & family that have saved me from going completely doo-lally & from doing my ravin' nana more than I have done :o) A good scream & a cry followed by a hug & a laugh & I'm soon back to dangerous, ready to take on whatever problem rears its ugly head next. But you know, it wouldn't 'alf be nice to have a year full of happy instead of a year full of stress & worry. Though, to be honest, I don't think I've been stressed enough - I'm still far too fat & it seems that most people say *ohhhhhh, the weight has FALLEN off me, I've been so stressed this week/month/year* :o) IT'S NOT FAIR !!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAH !!! :o)

But anyhoo, I digress :o) 2011 is nearly over & although I hate New Year - why celebrate a year that you know is going to be just as c**p as the one that's just gone - I'm going to TRY to be more positive in my outlook. Life has enjoyed kicking us when we're down so maybe it's about time we started kicking back. By *we*, I mean me - if Shaun tried kicking, he'd fall flat on his face. That's if he could even lift his foot to kick in the first place !! :o)

My New Year resolutions - I always try & fail, but this year, THIS YEAR,  . . . I will try harder :

The usual lose weight (ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!)
To cook from scratch more & not eat junk as often as I do
To do more in the garden - it's been so neglected :o( - especially in the veg patch
To walk more - me on Shanks's & 'imself on his mobility scooter. Seaside air is GOOD for you !!
To find at least one lost soul in my family tree, though more would be better :o)
To prepare for Christmas 2012 in plenty of time. This year has been so busy & chaotic, it got pushed aside until the last minute. Rush, rush, rush is SO not a good look on me !! :o)

So, there we have it. As I finish off the Christmas chocs & biscuits & prepare for the year to come, I say *Goodbye 2011 it's been great - NOT - & hello to 2012.*  I greet you with fear, trepidation & a sense of *uh-oh, here we go again !!*, but I'm smiling through gritted teeth as I do it !! :o)

To finish, here's a Christmas Kiss from me to you & I hope you had a fab time, surrounded by those you love. Here's to 2012 (gulp !!) & God Bless all who sail in her !! :o))
MWAH !!!! :o)