Monday, 17 October 2011

In an English Seaside Garden :o)

My garden has been somewhat neglected this year, due to *circumstances beyond my control* :o) However, I still managed a nice show of flowers.

Aquilegia, one of my all time favourites. I have quite a lot of them & their colours range from yellow, white, pink, burgundy & purple, including one purple that's so deep, it looks black from a distance.

This beautiful cerise clematis climbs up the fence right outside my greenhouse.

Pink roses - my favourite colour rose. Strange really, as I'm not a pink girly-girl at all :o) If you enlarge the pic (click on it) you'll see the tiny little brown spot on the right is actually a little spider :o)

Orange blossom - this smells divine, especially on a hot late spring/early summer evening. The black fly love it as well, so it often has to have a squirt of washing up water or garlic water :o)

Poppy - I adore poppies. I have these growing along the front edge of my greenhouse & as you look up the steps along the path, you're met with a sea of beautiful, waving poppies & lilies.

This peachy-orange rose is called *Simply the Best* & it really is beautiful. The bush is fairly small, but I had more than a dozen flowers on it at one time this year. It was stunning.

I love the rain drops on this photo.

Hemerocallis - the Day Lily. Another of my all time favourites. This is a glorious apricot colour & when it blooms, it seems to light up the area around it.

Another Hemerocallis - such a contrasting colour to the one above, but still as beautiful, especially with the rain drops glistening on it :o)

These pale lemon lilies grow with the poppies along the front of my greenhouse.  On their own, they're beautiful, but together, they're stunning.

Lastly, another lily :o) They always look so spectacular, I think. I have a few dotted around the garden & they really do give a lovely show :o)


  1. Lovely flowers Pat; I can almost smell then from here.

  2. Thanks Liz :o) I hope to be able to spend a bit more time in the garden next year, but who knows, eh ? :o))