Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Things You See On A Roof :o)

Twice last year, I had a bit of a surprise when I opened my bedroom curtains & saw what my neighbours had on their roof !! :o) Not just the usual tiles, aerial or sky dish for them, oh no :o)

In February, they had a big, brave cat crawling, commando style, up the roof to try to catch a seagull !! Of all the birds he could have gone for, he had to try for a big'un !! :o)

I'm gonna get you, not-so-little birdie !!!

Ummmmmm, where'd he disappear to ?

How do I tackle this ? Do I let him dive bomb me & then roll him, or do I leap, ninja style & meet him in mid air ?

He decided it was better just to let the seagull go his own way & jumped down into the garden, while the seagull flew off into the early morning sky.

Then, in May, there was a huge racket going on - squawking & hissing, mewing & a sort of barking. When I had a look, I saw this:

A young fox. Just sitting on the roof, being watched by some crows & . . .  

a load of parakeets :o) They were making a heck of a racket & the fox just sat there, ignoring them.  I think he saw me at the window though, because it looks like he was actually looking right in to the camera lens :o)

After a while, he thought it'd be a good idea to try to get down, so he had a good look around & came face to face with  . . . 

 commando cat !! :o) Uh-ohhh, he'd heard all about commando cat from the seagulls. His reputation as a warrior was legendary in the animal kingdom !!

By now, though, the parakeets were getting bored & started flying off .

In the time it took to take this pic, the fox had leapt off the roof & was gone. Just like that. So quick, I didn't get a chance to see in which direction he went. The cat was still there, looking left & right, no doubt wondering if his warrior reputation was going to be in tatters once the parakeets & crows had told everyone that he hadn't managed to catch the fox  OR the seagull a couple of months earlier :o)


  1. Love the pics, and the antics of both the cat and the fox...where on earth did the parakeets come form??? x

  2. from* that should have read!! x

  3. The parakeets are wild, they live in the local parks. It's thought they were bred from a couple of parakeets that escaped from their cages years ago - for as long as I can remember, we've had them flying about. They often sit in my apple tree :o)

  4. LOL! Your blog is very entertaining! It’s like reading through a comic book with animals being the lead characters of a superhero battle. Anyway, your neighbor should be informed about this ‘trespassing’ of the fox and nesting of seagulls, while they are unaware of the happenings on their roof. Unseen damages by wild animals can leave the threat of infestations or leaks on their roof.

    Herb Koguchi

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Herb :o) I'm glad you find my blog entertaining :o)

      Seagulls nesting on roof tops is very common here because it's a seaside town & we have loads of gulls. The fox was just a one off. It was a young pup who somehow decided to climb up & had problems getting down again :o) It hasn't happened since :o)

  5. Oh really! Animals of different kinds are flocking on the roof? It’s definitely a sight to see but I’m afraid that they might cause damage to your neighbor’s roof. Is there anything that can be done to prevent the seagulls from nesting on the rooftops?

    -Willene Fagen

    1. Some buildings have wire netting or plastic spikes put on to stop birds getting on the roof. However, most of the time, it's pigeons who are a nuisance. They sit on the roof in gangs - I've had upwards of 20 on mty roof & I hate them !! :o) They scare off the smaller birds & empty the bird feedwers like they haven't been fed for a year :o) Seagulls are all a part of living at the seaside :o)

  6. Oh yeah, no matter how hard you try to shoo away these seagulls, they’ll just come back again and again, so might as well have fun gazing at those birds. They look wonderful especially when they’re all on one roof! :D

    Rodney Orton

    1. And they're much nicer to listen to than pigeons :o)