Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Bodiam Castle

We love castles, museums, all places of historical interest & so here are a few pics of some of the castles we've been to over the years. Today - Bodiam Castle in East Sussex, which we revisited last year.

The last time we'd been there was way back in 1991 or 1992 & it was interesting to note that we both thought it was much larger back then !! :o) Whether that was due to more bits falling off or just a memory lapse, I don't really know, although truthfully, I suspect it was the latter !! :o))

Cross the bridge & enter the castle. Quite scary when you don't like heights & can see through the gaps in the planks. GULP !!

This is my artistic shot - castle reflections with ducks :o)

Inside the castle ruins. I'm pretty sure those stocks are a modern addition !! :o)

A model of how the castle would have looked when it was first built.

I love this photo - it looks like two skulls having a head to head chat with each other.
The Smith & Jones of the Middle Ages !! :o))

Looking up . . .

Now THIS ceiling is creepy - looks to me like a pair of eyes spying on us !!

A view to a bridge :o)

Entrance to the tower this way :o)

Anyone fancy a nice drink of water ? Unfortunately, you won't get it from THIS well !! 

Graffiti is not a sign of the modern times - this bit has been adorning the walls of Bodiam Castle since 1855 :o) Kilroy was 'ere in the Victorian Era :o) Except in this instance he was called W Kirkham, or something similar :o)

Bye bye Bodiam, but before we go . . . . .

Fish supper, anyone ?! :o)

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  1. Great photos Pat, looks like I need a trip to Bodiam Castle lol thanks for this morning, cherry and coconut cake ....yummy ^_^
    See you in a couple of weeks :) x