Friday, 14 October 2011


Some of Shaun's work today, all made on his lathe in his husband hut :o)

 He made this sewing thingy - see how I know ALL the technical terms ? :o) - for his Mum for Christmas. It's OK, she won't see this, she doesn't have access to a computer & bless her, wouldn't know what to do with it if she did !! :o)

In all its naked glory

With its needles & cotton :o)

Some of his pens - the labels say what type of wood they're made from.

Post box money boxes for our 2 favourite little boys.  Hope Father Christmas is feeling strong this year considering the wood he's going to carry !! :o)

Just 2 of his bobbins - he's made so many now & is actually using them to make lace, which he really enjoys doing. (Thanks for teaching him, Val - he LOVES it !!)

His very first pot pourri bowl, which he made for me :o) It's made of Ash & the top is a poppy design, cos I LOVE poppies :o)

Shaun is one of those people you love to hate - he can turn his hand to almost anything. He's got the patience to work things out & do them properly & thoroughly. Not like me  - I think of things & then rush through them because I want to get onto the next thing :o)  I really should have been called Patience & not Patricia (Are you listening, Mum & Dad ??!!) Maybe I would have lived up to the name if I had been :o)


  1. Lovely work, Pat, but then you knew I liked it, didn't you!!

  2. I missed commenting on this post! Shaun's woodwork is just amazing, all of it :) I am so pleased he is enjoying his lacemaking, he is doing brilliant at it!! He will be showing me how to do things before long LOL xxxx