Thursday, 13 October 2011

Autumn Garden

A couple of week ago, the spiders had been very busy spinning their webs during the night/early hours. It was very misty morning when I took these photos - the sun was beginning to break through & I loved the way the webs all looked, draped across the bushes in the garden. It was difficult getting a decent photo, partly because it wasn't easy trying to capture the flimsiness of the webs & partly because I HATE spiders & kept coming face to face with them !! Shudder !!!!! :o)

All the white bits in the apple tree are webs - there were loads of them, just hanging from the branches like lace doilies.

I am SOOOOOO glad I saw this web before walking into it !! :o)

We always hear parakeets screeching overhead & they often pay a visit to the garden, especially at this time of year when they help themselves to apples on the tree. Sometimes, it's a race to see who gets to them first - me or the birds !! :o)  This one sat in the tree for ages, while its mate flitted about from garden to garden.  Not the best pic -  I had to zoom in from a distance because I didn't want it to fly away before I got the photo.


  1. I just love that top photo of the spiders webs in the first light of day. It is surely the best time of day to take a lot of photos

  2. Great Blog Brim Chum...again another achievement :-)