Saturday, 15 October 2011


A comment by a friend yesterday had me scrabbling around, looking for a NOT very flattering photo of me, taken quite a few years ago. Anyone who knows me, knows I do NOT *do* photos - I take them, but I try to avoid having them taken of me - I aim to be the *designated photographer* at all times !! :o)

Anyway, the photo in question is of me on Shakespeare Cliff in Dover. For years, whenever we drove past it, I'd say to Shaun - *I'm going to climb that cliff one day*. That remark was always met with chuckles, chortles & occasionally, a full blown guffaw. Why ? Because I don't like heights - I get dizzy standing on the kerb !! :o) But, for some reason, I was determined to do it. (I have these funny turns now & again, you know.)

Well, I finally decided that it just HAD to be done before I was 12-with-28-years-experience & so, on New Year's Day 2003 a week before THAT day, we set off for Dover.  To keep me warm, I had with me my new  'at, a Christmas present from my best friend, Julie. I knew I was going to need it because the rain was coming down like stair rods, the wind was howling & the mist was more like pea & ham soup than plain ol' pea !!  We parked up & made our way through the underpass to the signposted cliff walk & off we set. It took a good 15 - 20 minutes to get up there - poor Shaun trailed along in my wake - I was like a galleon in full sail, leading the way  :o) 

We really did battle against the elements & the view WOULD have been spectacular if it weren't for the mist & rain. When we got to the top, Shaun took a pic of me for posterity, something to show our future grandchildren, so they could see that Grandma always was a bit peculiar & always had a thing for funny 'ats :o)

So. Here's the pic. Not flattering AT ALL, but you know, it raises a smile every time I see it & in these days full of doom & gloom, that's not a bad thing, really :o)