Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Knitting is often seen to be one of those things done by grey haired Grandmas, sitting in a rocking chair, with their hair shoved up in a bun. Well, not THIS Grandma !! I do have a rocking chair - it's probably in pieces in the loft or the garage, I expect - & my hair is slightly grey in places, but each grey hair has been earned, simply by being a wife & mother :o) However,  that doesn't mean I have to act like an old fashioned Grandma, does it ?  NO. I am going to grow old disgracefully & corrupt as many people along the way as I can & if I feel like doing a spot of knitting, then I will, regardless of what others may think :o)  I'm not particularly good at it & I refuse to make jumpers & cardies for anyone over the age of 5, but smaller things like fingerless gloves, 'ats, Christmas decorations etc. & I can cope. Just about !! :o)

    This little top knot 'at was one of the first 'ats I made.

This is the first beret I knitted *in the round*.

A plain 2 needle baby beanie.

I loved this pattern - a baby beret knitted on DPNs.

My 3 year old grandson asked if I could make him a Father Christmas 'at . . .

and my daughter said Father Christmas always has a little helper, so I made an Elf type 'at for my youngest grandson :o)

A winter 'at for my youngest grandon - he has ginger hair & looks gorgeous in green.

I love the pattern on these fingerless mitts, it's easy to do but I think it looks impressive :o)

So much so, I made another pair :o)

These are the very first gloves I made :o) They're knitted with a chunky yarn so are actually a bit big, but they keep me warm. One day, I'll progress to full fingers !! :o)

The yarn used for these little sleeveless pullovers reminded my daughter of the sea. Another easy knit :o)

Winter jumpers for the boys. Now that this one is done, I'm unsure about the rust colour, but I'm NOT going to unpick the whole thing  !! :o)

Three shades of blue with a chunky cream. It looks lovely on my oldest grandon - he has huge grey/blue eyes, so all blues suit him.

This was my very, very first attempt at knitting in the round & only my 2nd attempt at cables. I was so pleased with how it turned out & although it doesn't show very well here, the colour - a gorgeous dark green - really suited my youngest grandson with his lovely red hair :o)

I like to knit in the evening, I find it very relaxing after a hectic day, but the patterns have to be plain & simple. Just like me !! :o) 


  1. Lots of lovely knitting ..... so relaxing, isn't it

  2. As long as it isn't toooooooo complicated, yes :o)