Saturday, 30 March 2013

What to do, what to do . . . plus an update :o)

My garden is in dire need of a good sort out & I hoped that I'd at least be able to get the grass cut on Friday. Mostly because it really needs it, but also because grandson 1a informed me that if the grass was too long, the Easter bunny would get lost hiding the eggs & they would all be eaten by the ants & spiders before he & his little brother could find them :o)
 As you can see, the grass in the middle of the garden is all tufty & really does need a good cut.
 However, Mother Nature decided it was a good day to send sleet, fine snow & hail. It was the sort of snow that doesn't lay but is enough to cause you botherations, even if all you wanted to do was
I also had a large pile of ironing that needed doing,
so it was a case of *what to do, what to do*.
Do I dash in & out between snow/sleet/hail showers or do I do the dreaded ironing ???
Well, the winner was:
Yep. The dreaded ironing.
I figured I could always cut the grass today, couldn't I ????
Well . . . . .
No :o( Yet again, Mother Nature decided to chuck fine snow at us.
Typically, the sun is now shining, but the grass is too wet to do anything with.
I think I'm going to have to leave a note for the Easter bunny, asking him to hide the eggs in the house. After all, I really don't want to blamed if he gets frost bite, do I ? I don't think grandsons 1a & 1b would ever forgive me  !! :o)
Have a lovely Easter, wherever you are & whatever you do :o) 

Update:  Well, I decided to bite the bullet, risk the freezing cold & go & cut the grass. It was hard going, especially the middle bit because that always grows clumpy & tufty, but I managed it. I also managed to wound the lawn mower. OOPS !!! I ran over a fallen twig & snapped one of the blades. Good job we had a spare, but now I've got to buy some more & keep them as spares.

The compost bin is full of grass & the council green bin is half full of twigs, leaves & other bits I pulled up. It was far too cold to spend more than a couple of hiours outside, but hopefully, the weather will soon improve & I'll be able to get the garden looking respectable once more :o)

It probably doesn't look that much different to it's un-mown state, but it is, in real life :o)


  1. I would have knitted instead - my ironing is waiting for me today :-(. Explain to the Grandies that where I live, the Easter Bunny has been already lol - Happy Easter to you and your family.

    1. Thanks Jen :o) Grandson 1a is learning about Italy in Nursery at the moment & he loves to see my map of the world. I've told him about Australia because his ggggg grandad was a convict. He doesn't understand it all yet, but he soon will. As for knitting, I seem to have lost my mojo at the moment :o(

  2. You have very lucky grandsons :D I hope the egg hunt went alright, did you and Shaun find any eggs??? haha We have had a good day, ate a lot but it was nice. See you soon I hope xxx

    1. They loved it :o) It was freezing cold, but at least it didn't snow till lunch time & even then, it didn't lay. No eggs for me this year - I didn't want any - but Shaun had one & Sophy had 2 :o)

  3. PS Ironing??? Oh you mean that mahoosive pile of stuff in the cupboard under my stairs? One day xxx

    1. That's the stuff - the pile collecting dust !! :o)

  4. We eventually got our lawns cut on Monday. We try to share the cutting as it is hard work cutting the two on the slops out the front.