Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

As part of our card shallenge, Terri chose March to be recycle month. I've blogged a few cards I made with Liz's parcel & now it's Terri's turn.
So far, I've made 2 cards from her parcel & Grandson 1a has made a birthday card for his Mummy as well. However, as her birthday isn't till next month & she sometimes reads my blog, I won't be putting it on here :o)
Normally, I'd have made more cards by now, but being poorly has put me behind in everything & I have a ton of catching up to do. The ironing basket is full to overflowing, the house needs dusting & hoovering & poor Shaun needs to be fed something other than cheese on toast :o)  As for the garden, well, don't get me started !! :o)  At least I can use the weather as an excuse for not setting to out there, though :o)
Anyway, here are the two cards I've made so far. I'm hoping to get at least 2 more done out of Terri's parcel & then maybe I'll do a Christmas card for Hazel's blog challenge. I rather missed not making one for last week.  
(Picture me here, with clenched fist raised & shaking in the air, shouting  *Curse you, Liz, for getting me hooked !!*)
But I digress. As usual :o) 
Here are the cards.
Everything apart from the buttons, greeting & gold stars is from Terri's parcel. The background is white tissue paper & the blue card I cuttlebugged with the divine swirls folder because I thought it echoed the swirly bits on the shoe toppers. I then cut the card into 4 using a deckled edge rectangular die, glued the buttons across the middle, added little gold stars to their middles & put the greeting on the 4th rectangle.
This card is just the page from an old atlas for the background, plus a stamped image & greeting. Very simple - first I scanned the map & then used the scanned image for matting & layering the stamped image. I then used the original map for the card background, distressed the image & white card that it was stamped on with an ink pad that I thought contrasted well with all the background colours. I stamped the greeting, distressed that as well, making sure I ran the ink pad over it while it was still wet, so that I got a slightly smudged look & that was that.
I should have a couple of hours to myself at some point today, so hopefully, I'll get another card or two made with the rest of Terri's parcel..


  1. Well, blow me ....... she "curses" me for having fun entering competitions and even winning them lol

    I like what you did with the bits and pieces; I think I have run out of inspiration at the moment.

  2. Love the cards as always Pat :) Glad to read you are feeling better than last week :D you really did look poorly! Poor Shaun has he wasted away then??? haha I will see for myself tomorrow, looking forward to seeing you both :):) xx