Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Some you like, some you don't.

Cards, that is. I managed to get 2 more cards out of Terri's parcel - I'm sure I could do more, but to be honest, my brain is worn out & unless anyone can actually recycle it, then I think that's it for March. HOORAH !!! :o) This has been a challenge & a half for me, who, this month has felt more like Winnie the Pooh - a bear of little brain - than ever before.
Of course, it isn't ALL Terri's fault . . . .  or is it ?! :o)
Anyway, as I said, I set to last night & made two cards. I like the first one but don't like the second one.
Included in the parcel was this pic of two old fishermen mending nets & having a chat. I cut the surrounding frame bit off & mat & layered it on white glossy paper that I rubbed a green ink pad over, I then stuck that onto slightly darker green card, leaving the bottom bit longer to stick a greeting on. I used the rest of the ink-rubbed glossy paper to cover the cardstock & using the same green ink pad, stamped 3 fish at sort-of-jaunty-angles along the bottom just to give it a bit more . . . something :o)  They WERE supposed to be equal distance apart, but with my eyesight, I'm just grateful they ended up on the card at all :o) Everything was from the parcel apart from the greeting, the ink & the stamp.

This card I really don't like at all. Many moons ago, my daughter had wallpaper in her bedroom rather similar - Liz, Terri & I have a daughter - one each, that is, we don't share the same one & change her name when it's *our turn* to have her !! :o) - & Pierrot's were all the rage when they were little, so although this paper brought back memories, I'm afraid it didn't bring inspiration with it.
It's all just a bit too fussy for my liking. To give it some dimension, I cut out 4 of the cherry blossom flowers, inked the edges & then stuck them in opposite corners, using sticky pads to raise them off the card. I then cut out a group of flowers & did the same on the right hand side. It all seemed a bit too pink, so I stamped a greeting onto green card, trying to pick up the green of the leaves & added a flower brad. Apart from the stamped greeting, everything is from the recycled parcel. 
What does April's challenge hold for us ???? Yikes !! I can't wait to find out :o)


  1. Well I have even forgotten what theme it was supposed to be. I did like the recycle challenge but yes, it certainly was challenging. Terri has even got me turning plain white envelopes inside out so that I see whether there is a pattern inside ... watch out for creations with small blue or black patterns in future LOL

    I too liked your first one; second one is a shade busy for my tastes... but them I am more a CAS person

  2. Firstly it is not all my fault!!!!!!!!!!!! It never was and it never will be!!!!!!!!! Secondly I think you did a great job .... especially as, being ill too, I know just how difficult it would have been for you with a brain that felt full of cotton wool and limbs & eyes that just wanted to go back to sleep!!