Thursday, 7 March 2013

Penny plain, tuppence coloured . . .

So goes the old saying about ribbons :o) Was it a saying ? I know I read it in a book HUNDREDS of years ago, but maybe it wasn't actually a saying, just something the author made up. Who knows ? I don't - not any more !! :o)
Anyway - enough waffle :o) I've always liked this digital stamp & as it has a ribbon smack bang in the middle of it, I thought it would be *perfick* to enter into Hazel's Christmas Challenge no. 114 & her Anything Goes extra challenge for March :o). 
If I enter her challenges every week, I'll have nearly enough Christmas cards by December & I just MIGHT be able to avoid the yearly panic, when I suddenly realise there's only x amount of weeks to go. Fingers crossed, eh ? :o)


  1. That's pretty Pat. Well done on trying to keep up with Hazel's challenges

  2. Very attractive card. I am so sorry that I got behind with commenting, so this is very late - thanks for entering both of my CHNC challenges - hope to see you again soon. X