Sunday, 3 March 2013

A Sunny Sunday - whatever next ? :o)

At long last, the sun has decided to shine over my little patch :o) After the dull, grey, wet & windy days we've had recently, it makes a lovely change. Still cold, though, but what else should we expect for the beginning of March ?
I took a wander round the garden earlier this morning & it really DOES look as though Spring just might be on the way :o)
Amongst all the weeds - which seem to grow strong,  whatever the weather conditions - were signs of life, struggling through the cold, hard ground. A splash of colour hidden beneath dead leaves, a small bud, pushing its way further upwards as it gets stronger.
Hopefully a good sign of what's to come. After the wash out that was 2012, I think we all really need a drier, brighter year :o)
 This beautiful Hellebore lives right at the back of a flower bed, nestled against the wall between us & next door. It's a lovely splash of colour through the winter months.
 The *Butterfly Bush*, springing to life again. It's a lovely deepish pinky/purple colour & attracts butterflies & bees.
 Berginia - one of the first flowers to bloom after Christmas. A welcome bit of colour in an otherwise drab grey & green garden :o)
 One of the many primroses I have, poking out from behind the Morning Glory. This little primrose lives a few feet away from the Hellebore.
 Fighting their way through a clump of weeds, crocuses, almost ready to burst open.
 Morning Glory. It can be quite rampant & tends to take over, so every 2 or 3 years, I pull some of it up. It's extremely hardy though & always comes back fighting :o)
Japanese Quince - such a lovely colour & again, one of the earliest flowers in the garden. Every year, I say I'll use the fruit & make a jam or jelly with it, but I never do. I don't know why - maybe, subconsciously, I think I'll end up poisoning everyone who tastes the end result !! :o)
Happy Sunny Sunday wherever you are :o)


  1. What a beautiful garden, how lovely to see it burst into colour :-)

    1. Thanks Jen, yes I do have a beautiful garden, but it's finding the time to keep it under control these days :o)

  2. The first signs of spring are lovely; so uplifting.

    1. Just what we need after a long winter :o)