Monday, 25 March 2013

Calling Alfred Hitchcock . . .

Well, here I am, almost back in the land of the living after being proper poorly with tonsillitis & a viral infection for over a week. It's actually against the law for me to be ill, so I'd better not say too much about it or the powers that be will hunt me down & either shoot me or fine me :o) The way I felt last week, I'd have chosen the *shoot me* option !! :o) I'm still supposed to be resting - shhh, don't tell anyone - but I'm bored, so I must be feeling better.
Anyhooooo . . .
On Saturday afternoon, I decided to get a bit of fresh air & wandered out to the husband hut to see what Shaun was up to. There was a really strange noise & at first, I couldn't work out what it was, till I suddenly saw  . . .
 Starlings converging on trees a few gardens away from mine. I quickly grabbed my camera & tried to get some photos.
Apologies for the naffness of them - if you click on them, they'll get larger - but I had to be quick & zoom in because no sooner had they landed, than they started to  . . .
 take off again. The noise was terrific. At first, only a few took off, but once they had, the whole flock just rose almost as one. The sound of the air as hundreds of them beat their wings & flew up into the sky was amazing.
My back door has a rain canopy over it, so I wasn't able to get the whole flock as they flew over. This is less than half of them & they were so fast, it's a wonder I managed to get anything at all. One of them very kindly left their calling card on my arm, so I suppose I should be grateful :o)
I know a lot of people think starlings are pests, but you can't beat watching them dance in a huge group across the sky. They are so elegant & precise, although there's always one a wee bit behind, the one who doesn't quite have the same dancing skills as everyone else !!  I never tire of watching them, though.
They reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock's film *The Birds* & when I was a kid, of my Mum & Dad watching it one evening. My older brother & I (hi, Steve !!) had been warned NOT to go into the front room where they were watching it, because it was a *horror* film, but I went in for some reason - to ask for a drink or to say goodnight, I don't remember now, but I know I had my hand over my eyes as I went in !! :o) Anyway, my Dad said something along the lines of  - "you don't need to worry about covering your eyes, nothing's happened, it's quite boring" - when all of a sudden, the birds swooped down & PECKED SOMEONE'S EYES OUT !!!!
At least they weren't in an old run down motel, in a shower, listening to eerie music !! :o)
And now, on that cheery note, I'm off to kickstart this Monday morning. I hope to get a couple of cards made today, but it all depends how weary I am after doing a few bits & bobs first.
Have a fab day :o)


  1. To this day, I am terrified of birds. I popped up at a drive in movie as a child, and saw enough of this movie to fill me with foreboding at a flock of birds!

    1. I love to watch them at a distance, I don't think I'd like to get caught up in a flock/swarm of them :o)