Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Early one morning . . .

 . . . just as the sun was rising . . .

Shhh, don't say it out loud, but I do believe spring might have finally arrived :o)
Just before 7am this morning, I took a wander round the garden. The sun was just beginning to shine & there seemed to be buds on almost everything. Some have started to open, some are in full blossom, but everything looked full of promise :o)
 The rockery needs some weeding & tidying up, but the tulips are now taking the place of the daffodils, snowdrops & crocus.
The heather is still in flower but is beginning to look a bit straggly. The pink rose bush has lots of new growth so hopefully, come June & July, I'll have a lovely show.

Delicate plum blossom in front of the flowering currant bush.

I love the forsythia. It's a great big, bright splash of colour, that can be seen through the kitchen door & when the sun shines on it, it's like a big ball of gold :o)

The Dog Wood covered in buds. The small pinky coloured flower below is Honesty.

Blossom beginning to open on the pear tree.

I have NO idea what this small blossom tree is. I bought it a few years ago when it was a 6 inch stick & it's label had fallen off !! I can't even remember where I got it from, but I do remember it was cheap & I felt sorry for it :o)

One of my Japanese quinces. In *real* life, this is a salmon pink colour & it's beautiful.

Looking down towards the house from the top end of the garden. There's lots of weeding to be done, the veg patch needs digging over & the pots need sorting out, but now that the weather seems to be improving, I'm hoping I'll feel like spending more time out there :o)
And lastly,  we all know that in the Spring, a young man's thoughts turn to . . well, you know  . . & it seems the same thing happens to our feathered friends :o) Yet again, we're going to have a seagull nest between the chimney pots :o)
Grandson 1a will be pleased :o)


  1. Took my cardy' off today Pat, first time this year it has been warm enough outstde, did a bit of weeding myself this morning but thankfully I haven't as big a garden as you.
    They say we are going to have a good weekend down here in the south so I will have to get my sun cream out.
    Lovely post,smaching pictures.

    1. Oh, Alan, you little devil you !!! You know what they say - cast not a clout till May be out :o)

      It's another lovely morning here, so I'm hoping to dig over the veg patch this morning. A bit late, I know, but better late than never :o) The weekend is supposed to be good here, too, but as it's a Bank Holiday, I'll not hold my breath :o)

  2. Just love your garden Pat, Spring is such a happy season :-)

    1. Thanks Jen :o) I love seeing the garden wake up in the Spring - everything looks so vibrant & full of promise. I just hope we don't have as many slugs or snails as we had last year. They really munched their way through everything :o(

  3. Your garden is looking very good, I will take a walk round it later this morning :) Looking forward to seeing you both, although I will try not to spread my germs around too much I promise! Better go and get my shower, I have some lovely people to go and see today :D see you soon :D xx

    1. Just don't look too hard at the weeds, OK ? I have an abundance of dandelions at the moment !! :o) See you in a couple of hours :o)

  4. Always lovely to see your garden in the spring