Monday, 6 May 2013

Walking IN Sunshine, oh, oh . .

. . .  & yes, it felt good !! :o)
Yesterday, I felt the need to stretch my legs & get some fresh air, so we decided, as it was a lovely morning, to have a stroll along the prom, prom, prom, where the brass band USED to play tiddly om pom pom, way, way back in my grandparents & great grandparents day :o)
Having got jackets on, a bottle of water & my camera, we set off. As usual, me on Shanks's & Shaun on his chariot. Probably for the last time on this one, as he has a new chariot on order :o) 
This tree in London Road looked so lovely with all its new green leaves, so pale & golden.
First view of the sea. The wall on the right is part of Courtstairs Park.
Looking towards Pegwell & Sandwich. Richborough power station chimneys used to be part of this view :o) I can't believe they've been gone for over a year now.
Looking towards the port. The sea looked so beautiful with the sun glinting off it.
Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought lorries weren't supposed to park along here any more. Still, as the ferry service  went to the wall last week, I don't suppose we'll have many lorries coming through any more.  It's a shame, because we really do need something to bring people here from Europe. We have a lot to offer in this little part of Kent, but it does need investment.
The sea was so smooth & the sun was beautifully warm, I bet these sailors had a lovely time sailing about.
Setting up the fun fair at Government Acre. There were lots of people about & the Look Out cafe was open, doing business before 10am.
The blossom on trees in Ellington Park. I have many happy memories of time spent in the park, as a child, a teenager, a young Mum & now a VERY young Grandma !! :o)

I just love blossom trees :o) Mother Nature knew what she was about in the Spring :o)

Around the corner from Ellington Park is this lovely white blossom tree, on the corner of Ellington Place & High Street, St. Lawrence.

Looking up High Street, St. Lawrence, towards St. Laurence the Martyr Church. My great great great grandparents got married here in 1839.

There are 3 blossom trees almost in a row here, each a different shade of pink. The only one out at the moment is this one, the mid pink. I'll have to keep an eye out & see when the others open - the sight of the 3 of them together is beautiful :o)
The old & the new. The church has stood here for 951 years & on the left - Tesco Express, just 1 year old :o)  If walls could talk, I bet the church would have plenty of stories to tell :o)
Today is also shaping up to be beautiful, but unfortunately, no gallivanting for us, so I shall get on with what needs doing in the house.
Happy May Bank Holiday :o)


  1. Thank you for your walk; I felt like I was there and enjoyed the exercise lol

  2. I love you showing me your English countryside, and that Church!! With Australia being such a young country in comparison, to visit a 900 year old Church would be so exciting - one day :-)