Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Two more for Christmas :o)

Last night, I sat & made 2 more cards from Terri's parcel. I'm afraid the move away from my traditional red, gold & green didn't last long, though, to be fair, I can only use what I'm given & there was a fair bit of red & green in the parcel. (Picture me here, sticking my tongue out at Terri !!)
The first card is *sort of* non PJK traditional, because it isn't REALLY red, it's more of a burgundy with cream & gold :o)
 Everything on this card apart from the greeting & a few small sticky gold stars came from Terri's parcel. I added a few dots of Glossy Accents to the tree to help give it a bit of shine.
The second card is a real *in your face* red, gold & green splash :o) Apologies for the photo - when you use mirror card & glittery/shiny embellishments, you can't get a decent pic with or without a flash :o(
The red & green card & the Christmas present toppers were from Terri's parcel; the gold strips, stars & greeting were from my stash. I cut the toppers from a piece of Christmas cracker card that Terri had included & just ran the red & green card through my Swiss dots folder.
I may be able to get another card out of Terri's parcel, but there are a couple of bits that I really have no idea what to do with, so they will go into 2 parcels, one for Terri & one for Liz, for a challenge later in the year - a sort of *bits & pieces from all parcels received throughout the year*
Next week, I'll see if I can make a start on Liz's parcel, but judging by the diary, we have a very full & active week or so to come :o)


  1. Good job, Pat. I haven't started on my second parcel yet.

  2. Ah lovely work I really enjoy seeing what you have all been making :-)

  3. Nice cards, ...... I was going easy on you, LOL, have to ease you into "different things" slowly!!!!