Thursday, 11 April 2013

Crafty Catchings Up :o)

It's been a bit of hectic week this week, what with hospital appointments & a daughter having the audacity to have a birthday, but here we are on Thursday, with only one appointment left before the week end. I've still got to make a card from Terri's April parcel & enter it into Hazel's blog challenge, but I'm hoping to get that done either tonight or tomorrow afternoon & get it entered by the skin of my teeth :o)
In the meantime, though, as I'm trying to catch up with cards I've made, other than Christmas cards,  here are 3 Mother's Day cards, 2 birthday cards & 1 tea cosy :o) All made wiv me own fair 'ands, Guv. Honest :o) 
 This was my Mum's card.

I tend to get a bit stuck in a rut when making a few cards at a time. For some reason, the same style & colours always hit me & stay with me. It's almost as though I can't think of any other colour while I'm doing them, which is why my Mum & Mother in law's cards are the same colour & have the same toppers.
 This was my Mother in law's card.
My MiL & her sister live together, so I can't leave Aunt in law out, can I ? Not that I would, because she's lovely, just like MiL. Anyway - yet again, the same colours. Why am I so boring ??!! :o)
This was Aunt in law's card.
My daughter's birthday was yesterday & the strangest thing is, she is now at the age that I can clearly remember my Mum being when I was a little girl & whereas, back then, I thought it was very old, now, with my daughter, I think it's quite young :o) Funny how your take on things changes as you grow up, doesn't it ? Of course, my daughter IS young, because I am also young. It stands to reason, really.
Yes, I know, who am I kidding ? I'm a Grandma so I can't be THAT young !! :o)
 Anyway, this is her card. She likes pink & black, so I decided to stamp an art deco frame & figure, colour it pink & emboss black card with my divine swirls cuttlebug folder. The *daughter* bit is also a stamp.
Now, while I was making this card, I did something rather silly. I wanted to decoupage the figure, so I stamped it out 3 or 4 times, coloured it in & then decided that as it was a black image on white card, it would look better if I touched up the white edges with my black ink pad. So, there I was, merrily dabbing away & coming to realise that for some strange reason, the ink pad wasn't inking the edges very well. I tried again & then it dawned on me why it wasn't working. I wasn't using my black ink pad, oh no. I was using my black computer mouse !! :o)  OOPS !! Still, it was easily rectified :o)
 This sweet little teddy card was for a friend's 4 year old grandaughter. Little girl's can get away with cakes, balloons & teddies, can't they ? It's just us big girls that get frowned upon :o)
And lastly, a tea cosy :o) I just love, love,love this pattern :o)
My daughter doesn't drink tea, but she collects tea pots, so when I saw this gorgeous pattern, designed by Jenny Stacey , I knew I had to buy a little 2/3 cup tea pot & knit it for her birthday.
She absolutely loved it & I believe it's now in pride of place next to her chicken egg bowl thingy :o)
Jen has a fair few tea cosy patterns on her blog, all designed by her. Some are knitted, some are crocheted, some are free, some you pay for, but they are all just amazingly fantabulous :o)
And just in case you're wondering - no, I am not getting paid for saying this !! I just happen to love her designs & think anyone who wants a tea cosy pattern should check out her blog before going anywhere else :o)
Now, I'm off to sort through Terri's April parcel & see if I can come up with a card to go in Hazel's challenge. Wish me luck :o)


  1. Love what you did with Sophy's card. You have been a busy girl and am sure everyone will have enjoyed receiving their cards and they won't know you made fairly similar ones!!

  2. Aawww thank you - hope she liked it, many hugs xxoo

  3. She did. Very very much so :D It does indeed have pride of place next to my ceramic chicken/egg bowl thing on my welsh dresser :)