Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Sand & sea

The card challenge between Liz, Terri & myself seems to be getting harder as each month passes. Whether it's because I'm completely lost for ideas or whether it's because life's problems interfere with my artistic (ahem !!) abilities, I don't know.
What I do know is that when I opened Terri's parcel, I went straight into panic mode & remained there for nearly a week. Every time I looked at what she'd included, ny brain just went completely blank. In the end, all I could come up with were 3 very plain & simple cards.
No. 1 -  
 I LOVED this little tag the minute I saw it &I knew all it needed was a sandy type of background. The glitter stripsm star fish stickers & yellow brad came from my stash, the tag & background pareer were from Terri's parcel.
No. 2 -
Terri loves to include recycled bits & bobs - this beautiful, peaceful picture was from a magazine. I just cut it down to size, matt & layered it & stuck it onto a card that I'd already stuck blue background paper to. Some peel offs supplied by Terri were added & then I found a greeting in my stash & stuck that on.
No. 3 -
This month's nautical theme was my choice & I'd also stipulated that one of the cards had to be an easel card. I really liked this tag & thought it ideal for such a card. However, because it had a strange grey/blue colour in it, I decided to stick to sandy brown & pale yellow, rather than try to add another blue to it.
I found the corrugated brown card in my stash & stuck it to the card blank. I cut the image to size, matt & layered it & stuck it on the top part of the card. I then added a greeting to a small piece of matt & layered yellow & white card & stamped 2 tiny dolphins on the greeting with brown ink.
Three very plain & simple cards to suit my very plain & simple mindset at the moment !! :o)
I have bits & bobs left from both Liz & Terri's parcels, so I might be able to make something else once the old brain box gets back into gear, but I'm not holding my breath !! :o)
June's challenge IS a challenge - Terri's choice this time & it's Christmas cards, but NOT in traditional colours. GULP !!
I feel a lie down in a darkened room with a cool flannel across my forehead, is called for . . .


  1. Beautiful cards as always! The middle pic is of The 12 Apostles, down in South Australia :-)

  2. Well done. I have done a totally different card with the image that you have put on the easel card!! Yes, I too found Terri's parcel so hard this month. Terri, you have got to have pity on us!!!

  3. For all your panicking you have made 3 lovely cards ........ I love what you did with all the images. For some reason we all seem to have found this months a bit more of a "challenge" than usual, LOL

  4. ....... and sorry Liz, but no pity, LOL, you both do very well with my parcels despite the initial panics, LOL