Thursday, 16 May 2013

And so it begins . . . .

Gardener V Snails
It's that time of year again, when all the slugs & snails come out to see what goodies I've planted. For some reason, they seem to think it's all grown for their benefit, but THIS year, I've got news for them !!!

They might crawl up the husband hut door . . .

or congregate under the pear tree . . .
They might crawl up the greenhouse drainpipe . . .
or gather on the grass . . .
BUT . . . .
This year, early in the morning, I've started going out on SNAIL PATROL,
armed with my trusty *Snail Flinger*
& once my veg are in the ground, slug pellets will be used !!
Failing that - a well aimed boot !!
No, not really, I can't bring myself to stamp on snails, no matter how much I hate them :o)
I've never used pellets before - but after everything I grew last year was devoured by things other than human, I am quite determined to use them. They're OK to use around children & animals & they're organic, so that gets a huge tick from me :o)
 For a gardener, I'm very squeamish. I have to wear gloves before I weed, plant, pot on etc. My paternal ancestors would be ashamed of me - my grandad & great grandad were corporation gardeners & my great great grandad  & great great great grandad were market gardeners, so you'd think some of their ways would have filtered through to me, wouldn't you ? :o)
Anyway, because I'm squeamish, the flinger is perfect :o) It's actually an old picker-upper/grabber thingy of Shaun's that I swiped. All I do is pick the snail up by it's shell & fling it through the air into a hedge, onto the garage roof, or, if my flinging arm is feeling strong, over the house & into the road. Birds can then swoop down & eat them without having to break the shell first :o)
I'm beginning to wonder if the snails have cottoned on to what I'm doing.

This morning, there was only one, wending it's weary way back home, after a night on the tiles.
Should I be worried ? Are they all going *underground*, building up a Snail Resistance ? Are they communicating with each other in code ?
Are they gathering an arsenal, getting tanks & other armoured vehicles ? Are they busy sewing uniforms & parachutes ? Are all the snails I've flung far & wide making their way back again ? The ones the birds haven't eaten, that is. Will I be attacked by bungee jumping snails as I pass by the raspberry canes ?  Will they try to eat my stripy welly clad toes ? Will any of them be Kamikazee snails, ready to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of snail honour ?
Well, no matter what they do, I'm ready for them.
The gauntled has been thrown. Let battle commence !!! :o) 
But before I go, this last pic is of a very welcome visitor to my garden.
 My robin :o)
Mind you, he is looking a bit thin - maybe I should make him snail porridge for breakfast every morning :o)

That'd show them who's boss, eh ? :o)
Happy snail patrolling to those of you with the same problem & if you've any tips to share, they'll be much appreciated :o)


  1. Ugh snails are horrid things that can cause Meningitis. Have you tried the Beer trap? You put Beer into the bottom of a container, the snails can't resist the Beer, so they either drown or die from alcohol poisoning. Maybe it's just known of in Australia, we believe everything can be solved with Beer lol.

    1. Beer traps are used here, too, Jen :o) It's not something I really want to try though - I couldn't face having to get rid of beer soaked slugs & snails every morning !! I'm such a wimp :o))

  2. Nope .... I pick em up and sling em out of my garden too!!