Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Catching up ? I hope so !!

So, there I was, fast asleep, minding my own business, when suddenly, I found myself standing underneath the clock at Panic Station !! What on earth would my Mum say if she knew I was out of bed & in public at 3am on a school night ?!
I don't know about you, but Christmas seems to come around a lot quicker the older we get. Grandson 1a told me the other day that 18 days is long time to wait for Christmas & I just wished I was 5 all over again :o)
Anyway - what was I doing standing under a clock at 3am on a cold & frosty morning ? Well, PANICKING, of course !!
This year, we have exceeded 215 medical appointments & we've still got 3 weeks till the end of the year. It's no wonder I'm going greyer by the day & wandering around in my slippers & nightie  at night :o)
These appointments have included hospital - outpatient & inpatient; daily visits from the Hospital At Home team, every-other-day visits from the Community Nurses (District Nurses in old money) Social Services Occupational Therapists; Wheelchair Occupational Therapists; Motability assessments; home visits from the Doctor, as well as appointments at the surgery. I've said it before & I'll say it again - surely it  would be much easier in the long run just to shoot Shaun ? :o) I'm seriously beginning to think that the NHS is in the state it is simply because of him !! I'm sure that in 100 years time, he'll be amongst the case histories of the medical profession's *Weird & Wonderful Undiagnosed Oddities* !! :o)
Maybe I should get him stuffed & mounted & charge an entrance fee for people to come & have a look at him . . .
But - I digress. As I often do. Just ask my big brother :o)
(What ho, Steve !!)
November came & went in a blink of an eye. I have NO idea where it went, all I remember is Bonfire Night & then it was December. I don't drink, so I didn't lose it in a bottle or a glass; I don't smoke, so I didn't lose in in a foggy haze. I just don't think it lasted as long as it should have. Thirty days in November ? Not THIS year !! Five if I'm lucky.
Because of this lack of a month, I am finding myself visiting Panic Station more & more the closer we get to Christmas. Although I managed to make the Christmas cakes & puddings and knit a few gifty bits, I haven't had time to make enough cards & so I'm going to have to resort to sending e-cards to all my friends abroad. I'd much rather send a real card, but lack of time & money - grrrrr to whoever decided we needed to pay more for postage - have put a spanner in the works where that's concerned this year. Let's just hope that 2014 is nowhere near as busy, but to be honest, I'm not holding my breath :o)
So, if you should find yourself getting a bit panicky, come & join me. You know where I'll be most nights at 3am - underneath the clock at Panic Station :o)  I'll be the one wearing these:

And if you happen to find November, please give it a clip round the ear & send it back to me :o)
Thank you :o)

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