Sunday, 12 January 2014

Family Talents

Every member of every family has a talent of one sort or another. Some are more practical than others, but that doesn't mean that those of us who can't make anything at the drop of a hat are completely talentless :o) It just means we might have to dig a bit deeper & plod on through life a bit more before we discover the one thing we're better at than anyone else in the family :o)
I have two brothers & a sister who have various talents that I don't possess. My older brother has a very scientific mind. He also writes music & composes crosswords. My younger brother can grow almost anything in his garden & can tune up a car by ear. My sister is very good at art/drawing.
My husband can look at something or a picture of an object & can figure out how to make it without instructions or measurements. A beaded tree decoration springs to mind, as does the unit he made me to store all my Cuttlebug cutting plates, dies & folders.
Between us, we have 10 nephews & nieces, each, I'm sure, with talents galore and this blog is about one of those nieces :o)
She is learning how to decorate cakes & is, I believe just beginning the 2nd year at college. She sent me these photos of her practice pieces & in my opinion, I think she's amazing. Yes, I know I'm biased & I'm sure she'd be the first to say that she's still got lots to learn, but if this is what she's doing now, then her future work is going to be stunning.
These are all so lovely, it'd be a shame to eat any of them :o)
I think this gorgeous teddy cake would make a lovely 1st birthday cake for a little girl.
 I love the penguin & lady bird on these cup cakes,
I know a Thomas mad little boy who would LOVE to have this birthday cake - Grandson 1b :o) He doesn't just love trains, he's completely obsessed with them.
These trees are just so sweet.
I can't believe how brilliant she is at figures - that elephant is just gorgeous.
Another assortment of lovely cup cakes. The sunflower is my favourite of this batch :o)
Now, I can make a Christmas cake, but I don't have the talent to decorate like this. If I try to pipe icing, none of the rosettes are the same size & none of the lines are straight.
I could never get a star shaped like a star, it would be all of a wonk & probably halfway down the side of the cake :o)
Thank goodness for ready made decorations, I say :o)

These animals are so good. I love the little pandas & the giraffes :o)

I KNOW I couldn't do it - the standing joke is whenever I knit anything that requires a face, no matter how hard I try, it  ALWAYS ends up looking like a serial killer, so I'd hate to think how I'd get on with food type faces !! :o)

I love this cake - it's simple & elegant. A lovely birthday cake for a Mum, Aunt or Grandma.

This is such a sweet little cake - perfect for a Christening cake, I think.

Such a lovely teddy on this cake & the bow & rose look so life like.

A lot of little girls love Peppa Pig, don't they ? Perfect for a birthday cake.
So, there we have it. I was absolutely gobsmacked when she showed me her work. I can bake all sorts of cakes, but I can't, for the life of me, decorate them to look even half as lovely as all of these.
If she carries on the way she's going, I think she's going to be even more amazing than she is now :o)
So says a very proud & bragging Aunty :o)
As for me & my one real talent - I'm still digging & plodding on !! :o)



  1. Those cakes are wonderful, I agree with you Pat your niece has certainly found her talent :) However I have to say in your favour that Christmas cake was perfectly decorated, and is still the best Christmas cake I have tasted since my dear old Gran passed away :D Hope you are both feeling better now, looking forward to seeing you both on Wednesday :) xx

  2. Lovely cakes, Pat. Such a talented niece

  3. Wow! Beautiful cakes, they are works of art indeed and look much to good to cut up & eat. She is very talented.