Monday, 31 December 2012

All over, bar the shouting :o)

Well, here we are again, at the end of yet another year.
Looking back at last year's end of year blog, I'm fairly pleased to report that I managed to achieve most of the things I set out to do in 2012. Of course, Shaun ending up in hospital the week before Christmas didn't help me to sail smoothly into the calm & peaceful Christmas I'd planned, but as it's Shaun, what did I really expect, eh ? :o)
So. What did I achieve this year ? Well, I definitely had a bit of luck in my family tree, finally solving a mystery that had plagued me for years. I also did a fair bit in the garden, but unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn't the little helper I'd hoped for. It really was a case of sink or swim for the veggies & unfortunately, most of them sunk & drowned :o(
Cooking more from scratch - well, I think I did OK, but, like my school reports said all those years ago - I could try better :o)
However, the weight thing - FAILED.   Again.
I think I'm destined to remain a well upholstered girl. I may not be the size & shape I wish I was, but it isn't for want of trying. And anyway, I do have a shape. Round IS a shape, whatever anyone tells you :o)
I'm not keen on New Year. I find it quite depressing - as I probably said last year & countless other years before,  I don't see the point in celebrating a new year that's more than likely going to be just as grotty as the one we've said goodbye to. I know it's a pessimistic way of looking at things, but that's the way I am. If you look on the black side, you'll never be disappoionted & if something good happens, well, it's a bonus !! :o)
This coming year is a big one for me - I hit a big number birthday next week & in July, Shaun & I will be celebrating a big number wedding anniversary. Not bad for someone who's really only 12 & has been for most of her life, eh ?!! :o)
Normally, when people wish me a Happy New Year, I usually reply with
but this year, I will try to smile & - with gritted teeth, just like last year - reply
 So, here's to 2013. I hope we all get the answers to things we want know,  I hope we all remain as happy & healthy as possible & I hope we all manage to have some fun & laughter along the way :o)


  1. Hoping you will both have a healthier and more peaceful year in 2013

  2. Happy New Year to you both, I am with you on the Bah Humbug bit really but I really do hope this coming year will be really good for you both, you deserve it :D See you next year LOL xxxxxx

  3. Happy New Year from one round person to another ! In fact I believe Modom we is apples there now isn't that nicer LOL ! lots of hugs to all your family. xx

  4. Hope you and Shaun have a great 2013 I hope mine is as good as last year, I started out 2012 with nothing and now at te begining of 2013 I syill have most of it left. XXX Don