Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Glorious Twelfth . . . but not of August :o)

This morning, we had to be at Canterbury hospital for a 9am appointment. As traffic tends to be quite heavy going into the city & disabled parking at the hospital can be tricky, we left home at 7:45am just to give us the extra time we knew we'd need. We pulled up in the car park at 8:45am - perfick timing !! :o)
Jack Frost had been very busy during the night & into the early hours, so the journey was very cold, but beautiful.
 This pic was taken from Lord of the Manor roundabout, looking towards Pegwell. The sky was absolutely stunning with the sun rising through the dark clouds.
 Another pic taken from Lord of the Manor. It doesn't do the sky justice at all.
 Across the frosticated fields, you can just see Pegwell Bay hotel in the background.
 Heading towards Sandwich, the puddles in the fields were frozen solid.
Not sure what the name of the road is, but this field is on the main road from Aylesham, heading towards the A2.
 The traffic was backed up from the A2,  all the way up to the Nonington turn off,  so I wound the car window down & took a couple of pics. None of them do the scenes any real justice, though. The views were far more beautiful that the photos.
I love frosticated days :o) They're so fresh, crisp & sparkly & they make you realise that Christmas really IS on the way :o)


  1. I love your photos, I had to stay in for them to collect the tv - again! But what I saw of the morning looked beautiful, but very cold! Was the snow photo taken last Wednesday? Your garden looks gorgeous covered in snow :) Really looking forward to seeing you both next week, party time yayay xxxx

  2. Love the frosticated photos!!!