Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Card challenge - the gauntlet has been thrown down !!

As my friends & family know, I like to make cards. I'm not very artistic & my efforts are usually just that - efforts :o) I'm a very plain & simple girl - in every way :o) - & my crafts reflect that, be it knitting, card making, scrapbooking or baking. I'd love to be more artistic, have more imagination & inspiration, be able to create something beautiful every time, but I fear it'll never happen. So, with all that in mind, when my friend, Liz, suggested a card swap challenge between me, her & our friend Terri, I thought - why not ? They both have great ideas, they both turn out some lovely cards. Maybe some of their magic & inspiration will rub off on me :o) 
How wrong I was . . .
Our January swap theme is co-ordinating colours. I had some lovely creams, yellows & browns from Liz, with a bright in-yer-face orange thrown in to knock me off balance & it did just that.
Terri gave me browns & greens, which was fine, until I saw that she had included Chinese figure stickers & a picture of sheep. Now,where on earth did she think I was going to find a Welsh Chinaman to give a card to ?? Maybe in a Chinese takeaway in Llanelli  or Bridgend ? But, it was a challenge & so I knuckled down & had a go.
The following cards are my efforts. I have to say, they aren't my best efforts, one of them I hate with a passion, a few of them are OK, but I really have GOT to try better.
The first 5 are made from Liz's swap parcel, the last 3 are from Terri's.

This card I like :o)  I think it's quite elegant :o)

 This one I hate with a passion. It's too orange, it looks like it's been tangoed. I love the stamped image, I hate the colour. The image is on watercolour paper & so I used watercolour pencils to colour it.  It didn't turn out well at all :o(
 This card is quite plain & boring. It was a lovely image of a post office, so I just cut it with a circle die, water coloured it & stuck it on a card. I'm sure I could have come up with something better, but I just couldn't think of anything.
I quite like this one - yellow is one of my favourite colours, I find it so cheerful.

Another one I quite like.

 I don't like anything Oriental, Indian or Egyptian. I don't know why, they just leave me cold. Always have. So, when I saw the Chinese stickers, my heart just sunk. What on earth was I going to make with them ? However, I think I managed  OK because I no longer have this card - it was snaffled from under my eyes this very morning - right, Val ??!! ;o)
 Now, THIS card - I like !! Not for the picture, which I only used part of,  but because of what I managed to do with it :o) Plain, simple but with a bit of humour
And lastly - a decoupage frangipani card.
I still have a bit of Terri's swap parcel & I'm using that for a Christmas challenge that Liz threw at me - a card to enter into a blog competiton. So, I'd better get my skates on & get it made :o)

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  1. Well done, a lovely selection of cards and it is good to be challenged with colours and themes we don't like. As Terri said, other people don't like them and we are making them for others after all.