Sunday, 5 February 2012

Walking in a winter wonderland :o)

This morning, we woke up to a beautiful snowy day, just as the weather forecasters promised :o)

I finally managed to christen my wellies !! :o) 

 Looking up the garden towards the veg cage on the right & the decking on the left :o)

 Snowy veg cage & fruit cage. Seems strange to think that in a matter of weeks, they'll start to produce lovely, tasty food to see us through the Summer & Autumn. With a bit of help from me, of course !! :o))

 The large black tub in the corner of the veg cage has some rhubarb in it. Yum. One of my favourites :o) I'm hoping by growing it in the cage, the local cats will leave it alone !!

 The bench, a favourite bird-watching spot for grandson 1a :o)

 Kit's Korner, my little memorial garden, keeping all the memories safe & warm until the flowers grow again in Spring. 

I hope you all keep safe & warm, whilst enjoying the beauty of the snow :o)


  1. Love the snowy pics and those wellies oooh so right in the snow !! Our snow has started to quickly thaw but it was as deep as yours last night. Love reading your posts xx

  2. Grrrrh fingers typed the wrong letters ....wasn't me LOL

    You had more than us but there was enough for Leah to enjoy it and for a snowman to be built for her.

  3. the wellies look good. We had a woodpecker last spring visit a couple of times, at the moment the blue tits are exploring the nest boxes, I hope we are lucky. We had a family of coal tits two years ago and nothing since.

  4. Great photos of your garden in the snow :) I wish it would all go away now and warm up a bit lol See you next week xx