Friday, 3 February 2012

Bits & pieces

Even though the sun is shining today, it's far too cold to make a start on the garden. My poor greenhouse needs a good scrub, the large drip trays that I stand the seedling pots in, need washing & the pots need filling with compost so I can start sowing the seeds. This year, however,  I shall have an apprentice - grandson no. 1a has his own little garden now & can't wait to get going on it :o) It's going to go in a corner of my veg cage so that it's safe from birds, cats, foxes & baby brother - grandson no. 1b, who, at 19 months, still thinks EVERYTHING should live in his mouth :o)

The budding gardener wants to grow *orange flowers, yellow flowers & lettix & martos for Mummy to have for her lunch* !! :o) So, I have marigold & sunflower seeds, plus the usual salad & veg. seeds, all just waiting for Spring to appear.

In the mean time, I've been catching up on my family tree, making cards & knitting.

This card was for my friend Kris - she's a keen gardener & I just loved this little mouse stamp & bought it with her card in mind. It's a stamp I'll use time & again though :o)

 I love this stamp & for this card,  I just wanted something plain & understated. All I did was stamp onto white cardstock with brown ink, tore around the edge & inked it to give it a border, stuck it on dark brown card & then used a slightly patterned co-ordinating card stock for the background.

 These bright'n'snazzy fingerless gloves are for charity, simply because . . .

were snaffled before I'd even finished them !! :o) There I was, minding my own business, knitting away, when Val (of Poppy's Place blog fame) asked if she could have them when I was done :o)

Now, compared to many people I know, I'm not a particularly good knitter - but I don't mind admitting, I was pretty chuffed that someone liked something I'd made enough to want to have it :o)   

So, what's on my needles at the moment ? A cable headband for charity & Christmas tree decorations :o)

Well, the years go by so quickly, don't they ? You have to be prepared for Christmas, cos even though there's always 12 months from one Christmas to the next, it does seem to suddenly arrive without so much as a by-your-leave, doesn't it ?! :o)

Keep warm, everyone & enjoy the snow if it arrives !! :o))


  1. Start then young Pat!!!!! Hope he enjoys gardening with you.

  2. Lovely blog! I want to get into my garden too, but it won't be too long now!It will be nice for you to have a helper :) I LOVE my gloves, they have had a lot of use already, especially now its this cold!!
    Missed you this week :( looking forward to coming over to see you the week after next :)Lovely card for Kris, I texted her on Weds :) Catch up with you soon, love to you and Shaun xxxxxx