Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My Funny Valentine

Well, the rain came down & it melted most of the snow & ice, just in time for Valentine's Day :o)

Valentine's Day is always so much more when you're young or in a new-ish relationship, but as we get older & our relationship gets longer, I think we just slip into familiarity with our husbands, wives & partners & we just plod along, getting on with life's trials & tribulations & we forget why Valentine's Day was once so important to us.

As much as I believe it's all a commercial ploy to part us from our hard earned cash, a day full of sickly sentimental adverts splashed in the newspapers & in shop windows, all enticing us to prove our love for our *other halves*  by buying the biggest bear with a love heart, or a heart shaped box of luxury chocolates, I also believe that if you truly love the one you're with, why not use the day to show it ?  It's an extra to your anniversary, but you don't have to splash out, no matter what the adverts on telly, hoardings, shop windows or the internet tell you. Something simple & heartfelt is the way to go - we don't all need large displays of sentiment to prove how we feel.

And, on that note, this is the silly something I made for Shaun. Yes, I know it probably looks more like a fat spring onion, but it isn't !! :o))

It's a lightbulb & I attached a little card that said - you light up my life :o)

NOT because he does in the sentimental way, but because he is FOREVER leaving lights on all over the house !!! :o)

(Mumble, mumble - OK, so he DOES light up my life in the sentimental way, too, but don't tell him that, will you ? After 31 years, I don't want him smirking like he was 16 again !!!)

Have a great day, everyone, whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not :o))


  1. I love the lightbulb, and you are a real softie on the quiet aren't you?? :D See you tomorrow xxx

  2. I love the light bulb and just told my wife about it as she rushes out of the door. "OK. tell me about it later" was her reply. We do grow familiar with each other it doesnt mean we love each other less. Your light bulb did remind me of a spring onion, it reminded me of our eldest daughter who was born prem and weighed in at four pounds. I used to call her my spring onion as I could hold her in the palm of my hand and her nappy ( we had terry towelling ones looked like the bulb of the onlion and her legs the roots . Hee hee your light bulb took me back 34 years thanks. XXX Don

  3. I'll never look at a baby & a terry nappy in the same way again, Don. The image of your daughter is now firmly fixed in my mind !! :o)

  4. Love the light bulb idea ! I gave my other half a very silly card done as if a James Bond Movie Poster he loved it and so did his lads. I wasn't expecting a thing as he always tells me he doesn't do Valentines but I got a beautiful scarf in my favourite colour which had a silver heart hanging from the middle. I joked that now he can hear me coming as I jangle ! :-)