Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year's Day at the Beach :o)

Today, I spent a lovely time on the beach with one of my favourite boys :o)  My other 2 favourite boys were unable to come with us because their wheels - mobility scooter & a buggy - weren't really up to chugging through wet sand :o) So, they waited for us at the top of the slipway while we went off adventuring.

Before we got to the slipway, we made our way down the chine.  
This is our first - & last - view of the beach.

We left Grandad & grandson 1b at the top & made our way down to the big puddle at the bottom :o)

Request no. one was *Grandma  - can we look for pirates & pirate ships, please ?*

Unfortunately, it was a case of *I see no ships*, pirate or otherwise :o)

Request no. 2 was *Can I throw sandballs at you, Grandma ? Can I ? Can I ? PLEEEASE ???* Sandballs ? I was then informed that as there was no snow, but plenty of sand, he could make sandballs & throw them :o) The imagination of a 3 year old, eh ?! :o)

I'll move this pretty shell before making a sandball :o)

There were a few people out & about, some bait digging, some kite surfing & a fair few dog walkers, but on the whole, we had the beach to ourselves.

*Are there 'cwabs' in here, Grandma ?*

*I'm going to splash, splash, splash in the wet sand *

It's a long walk  up the slipway to Grandad & baby brother, especially when you only have little legs.

Even deserted, I think the beach is lovely & just bursting with history. I remember when I was a child, we used to have a chalet here every summer. My Mum & Nan would bring us down & we'd spend the day in & out of the sea. We'd have to walk down the steps or the slope in the morning, but we'd be so tired out at the end of the day, we went back up in the lift. It was 2p for adults & 1p for children :o)  I feel so old remembering that !!! :o))

A view across Pegwell to Richborough as we walked home. I wonder how much longer Richborough Towers are going to remain ? There's been *talk* of them being pulled down, but then there's also *talk* of them staying because they're used as navigational aids & also, birds nest in & around them, so if they went, it'd cause quite an environmental impact.

Last view of the chine - we turned around & said goodbye :o)

We made our way home & after lunch, Grandad & grandson 1b went for a nap & grandson 1a & I cuddled up together & watched *Mary Poppins* again :o)  He nodded off after a while & stayed curled up on the sofa, under Grandad's blankie, till Mummy came.
A busy, but lovely New Year's Day :o)


  1. Hello my friend wonderful blog site, I have now joined up to but may not be as wordy as you. Love reading your entries hugs xx

  2. Hey there, Modom !!! Great to hear from you :o) Don't worry about not being as wordy, I just hope you enjoy my little meanderings :o) Big HUGS to you & Jay :o))

  3. Why, fancy meeting Modom here. I shall have to come and be a member of your blog.

    Pat .... so glad you had a lovely outing. Am feeling rubbish with that dratted cold again but at least I am getting crafting time and creating blog entries.

  4. Cor thank you my strippity friend LOL I feel like I has pulled up a comfy chair when I am reading your blogs. I am enjoying your meanderings very much "see" you soon here and there LOL :-)

  5. Great to read that you had such a good day on the beach :) I had a lovely walk along the seafront this morning, coffee on the end of the pier, then spent all afternoon at QEQM....what joy lol I will tell you all about it on Wednesday :):) Love to you and Shaun xxx