Saturday, 7 January 2012

More knitting

Shaun is the middle one of 3 brothers. His older brother has 3 daughters, no sons. We have one daughter, no sons & his younger brother has one daughter, no sons. All those daughters have had sons
& as another one is expected next month, I knitted this little hoodie for him :o)

I also knitted him a little 'at . . .

Some warm, wooly socks . . .

And a pair of mitts.

I love making little 'ats & these 3 berets are for Kids Co., a charity in London.

This little jumper is also for Kids co. & I'm about to cast on a beanie type 'at for a teenage boy  :o)


  1. Love your 'ats!! lol. Your knitting is lovely, oh btw did the boys like the stockings you made for them? xxxx

  2. Them needles are obviously very busy at the moment.... loving the results.

  3. Yes, they did, Val :o) Especially waking up & finding them on the end of their beds :o)

    Liz - my needles are SMOKIN' !!!! :o)

  4. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my bacon and brie roll. My daughter has just dropped in with our youngest grandson he is not two yet and he has escaped from here with his grandma in toe clutching a Batman that belongs in Grandmas toybox, he has promised when he returns Grandma he will put the batman back (no chance). When our daughters were young they had loads of knitted goodies from their grandma, unfortunatley it wasnt a skill my wife developed and I cant thread a needle nowadays so all the knitted goods comes via Next or Westwood cross. Have a good day. Don