Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Farewell 2011 - nearly :o)

Well, 2011 hasn't been my favourite year. I had high hopes for it after 2010 was so horrible, but alack & alas, 'twas not to be !! :o)) For 20 plus years, around the end of December, my MiL has always said  *the new year is going to be GOOD for you & Shaun*, but after so many disappointments, I told her I was going to gag her on Christmas Eve & not take it off till after Twelfth Night :o) Maybe if she kept quiet, things would be OK. However, I live in hopes, not miracles !!:o))

From redundancy to paralysis, from tribunal to family break ups, from hospital, doctor, clinic & nurses (110 appointments in total just in 2010) we've lurched from one disaster to another & it's only been the love & support from good friends & family that have saved me from going completely doo-lally & from doing my ravin' nana more than I have done :o) A good scream & a cry followed by a hug & a laugh & I'm soon back to dangerous, ready to take on whatever problem rears its ugly head next. But you know, it wouldn't 'alf be nice to have a year full of happy instead of a year full of stress & worry. Though, to be honest, I don't think I've been stressed enough - I'm still far too fat & it seems that most people say *ohhhhhh, the weight has FALLEN off me, I've been so stressed this week/month/year* :o) IT'S NOT FAIR !!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAH !!! :o)

But anyhoo, I digress :o) 2011 is nearly over & although I hate New Year - why celebrate a year that you know is going to be just as c**p as the one that's just gone - I'm going to TRY to be more positive in my outlook. Life has enjoyed kicking us when we're down so maybe it's about time we started kicking back. By *we*, I mean me - if Shaun tried kicking, he'd fall flat on his face. That's if he could even lift his foot to kick in the first place !! :o)

My New Year resolutions - I always try & fail, but this year, THIS YEAR,  . . . I will try harder :

The usual lose weight (ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!)
To cook from scratch more & not eat junk as often as I do
To do more in the garden - it's been so neglected :o( - especially in the veg patch
To walk more - me on Shanks's & 'imself on his mobility scooter. Seaside air is GOOD for you !!
To find at least one lost soul in my family tree, though more would be better :o)
To prepare for Christmas 2012 in plenty of time. This year has been so busy & chaotic, it got pushed aside until the last minute. Rush, rush, rush is SO not a good look on me !! :o)

So, there we have it. As I finish off the Christmas chocs & biscuits & prepare for the year to come, I say *Goodbye 2011 it's been great - NOT - & hello to 2012.*  I greet you with fear, trepidation & a sense of *uh-oh, here we go again !!*, but I'm smiling through gritted teeth as I do it !! :o)

To finish, here's a Christmas Kiss from me to you & I hope you had a fab time, surrounded by those you love. Here's to 2012 (gulp !!) & God Bless all who sail in her !! :o))
MWAH !!!! :o)


  1. Pat, i think most people will be glad to see the back of 2011, but you and Shaun have more reasons than most to be glad this year is over! Who knows what 2012 will bring to any of us? All we can do is hang on to our lovely friends and know they will see us through. I am so glad I can count you and Shaun as friends, see there was one good thing that happened in 2011 - you got ME!!!!!!! LOL Looking forward to seeing you both on the 4th January - must get that next piece of lace sorted out for Shaun...Happy New Year to you and Shaun xxxx

  2. Happy New Year to you both and hoping that it treats you a little more kindly this year. We will come and visit in the spring but do so wish we lived closer so we could meet more often.

  3. Ooooh - I got a Val !! I believe the doctor can prescribe a cream for that these days !!! :o))

    Seriously - meeting you has been a real highlight this year, Val. Thank goodness for Kris, I say !! :o) Shaun's looking forward to Wednesday, but remember - NO CAKE !! Sorry :o( We must be good !!

    Liz - it'd be so good to live closer, but we have such fun when we do get together, it sort of cancels out the distance, doesn't it ? Fingers crossed we can sort out something for the spring :o)

  4. Here we are in 2012 .... hugs

  5. LOL reading this post has been great, I too if I tried to kick would fall over and I am glad to see the end of 2011. I hope this year will be better but all the time I am breathing I must be able to take on the next challenge must'nt I? Heres to hope, cheers.Don