Friday, 11 November 2011

Remembrance Day

I have very strong views about Remembrance Day & Remembrance Sunday - I think buying a poppy should be made law :o)  I think every school should teach children the history behind wearing the poppy & why it was chosen to be the symbol of remembrance & I think that every family should ensure that their children grow up with respect for, & knowledge of,  what service men & women did for us. Not that many families went through the two world wars unscathed in some way & many have lost loved ones in the wars that have followed & those that are still going on. History is supposed to teach us lessons from the past, but I fear, when it comes to war, we'll never learn.

I hope whoever reads this will observe the 2 minute silence at 11am today & on Sunday & remember those who gave their lives in the past & in recent years. Two minutes really isn't much to ask for, is it ?

My Grandad - born 1917, killed in action 1944.

Remembering all those in my family, however distant a relation they are :

CF Brenchley 1888-1916
EJ Brenchley 1889-1916
CF Buffee 1919-1945
SJ Buffee 1894-1916
CF Fuller 1925-1944
EHF Hammon 1920-1941
HT Hammon 1885-1917
AWJ Hammond 1895-1917
FG Hammond 1897-1915
GT Hammond 1890-1916
SF Kingsford 1891-1916
WJ Lawrence 1889-1918
J Munday 1885-1917
J Munday 1987-2008
WJA Munday 1923-1942
WG Peale 1897-1915
ESM Pettman 1896-1917
EA Read 1897-1916
NFM Waddoup 1917-1944
RS Wells 1912-1944

and those I've not yet found.

I took this photo a few years ago in Nonington.  I think the poppies & the barbed wire fence are quite appropriate for today.

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  1. Great blog and I agree with you about teaching the children. I will include your Grandad in my Remembrance Day thoughts next year, I have only just read this so a little too late for this year. x