Monday, 7 November 2011

Christmas Stockings

I love knitting :o)  However, as I said in a previous blog item - I have no patience & I'm not very good at it.  I don't *do* complicated patterns or big things, I like small things, things that knit up in no time at all, simply because I want to get on to the next thing & because I get bored easily !!

When my first gorgeous grandson was born, I wanted to make a little Christmas something for him & came up with 5 mini stockings pegged onto *splarky* pipe cleaners, each one with a letter of his name on it.

When my second gorgeous grandson came along, I did the same for him, but as his name is only 3 letters long, I couldn't just give him 3 mini stockings, that would seem like favouritism & I don't like that, so I knit 5 & just put letters on the middle 3 :o)

I also made some for a friend's grandaughter when she was born in 2009 . . .

. . . . and also for her new baby grandaughter who was born just last week :o)

They're all the same, but just slightly different - for my friend's grandaughters, I plaited & crocheted the *string* that the stockings are pegged on because I didn't have any more pipe cleaners :o)

At the moment, I'm trying to get a pair of fingerless gloves finished for Christmas, but time is fast disappearing & I fear I shall soon be WAAAAAAAAH-ing for England & turning it into an Olympic Sport !! :o) So, I'd better finish this, get my day started & get on with all that needs doing :o) Still, at least the Christmas cakes are cooked & brandied, they just need marzipanning & icing. But those are jobs for another day or 2 :o)