Monday, 14 November 2011

Mary Poppins & Cuddles

On Saturday, I babysat my grandsons. When the 1 year old had a nap with Grandad Comfy-Tum, I decided to introduce the 3 year old to my all time favourite children's film - Mary Poppins. I just love that film - I watch it when I'm ill (hardly ever !!), I watch it when I'm feeling down & I watch it when I want something to sing along to. It's my ultimate *feel good* film, closely followed by *The Railway Children*.

I'd promised myself that when the boys were old enough, they, too, would fall in love with Mary Poppins. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the one film their Dad really can't stand :o(  HOWEVER - did that faze me ? Did it eckerslike !!! What happens at Grandma's, stays at Grandma's !!

We sat & watched it, the little fella was intrigued with the dancing & talking animals, but the bit he REALLY loved was when I got up, held his hands & we danced & sang along with the chimney sweeps as they danced over the roof tops of London :o) The only downside was that he couldn't understand why I couldn't jump in the air & spin round & round & round like Mary Poppins !! I told him I wasn't THAT magical, one jump & half a turn was all he'd be getting from me !! :o)

When my daughter came to pick the boys up, he was so excited & couldn't wait to show her how he could kick his legs up like the dancing sweeps :o) I just hope he doesn't expect me to try to do what Spider Man & Iron Man - his favourite Super Heroes - do :o)

Earlier in the day, he & Grandad did some jigsaw puzzles, something they both love to do together. As they were doing them, a little voice said *Grandma, you're not good at puzzles, are you ?*, to which I replied *No, I'm not*. He then said *But Grandad is & I am, too. You're good at knitting things, you are, Grandma. And cuddles.*

So, there we are.  I'm good at knitting, dancing on the roof tops & cuddles :o) Maybe I'm getting the hang of this Grandma lark :o)) I must be living up to my fridge magnet :o)


  1. That really set me smiling and I was with you there on the roof-tops

  2. You can just see me doing it, can't you ? :o) Mind you, if you, Beth & *Pokey-Pokey Peter* joined in, he'd be chuffed beyond belief, would't he ?! :o)

  3. I can definitely see you doing that!!! Thanks for this morning, your notice about spoiling children is wrong, visitors get spoiled too!! ^_^ xxxx

  4. I love great grandad Charlie,s lawnmower. I have tried family tree stuff but it never did it for me. I would loved to have known my grandparents I knew one nan but the rest long gone by the time I arrived. I am certain I should have been born 100 years ago as I love that period in time (without the Great War) Don

  5. Do you ever read Michael Childs Blog he does a lot of Ramsgate history links and runs a bookshop

  6. Yes, Don, I've bought loads of the Ramsgate books from Michael. One year, my husband splashed out & bought me over £50 worth !! :o) I was so spoiled !!