Monday, 8 September 2014

Foggy, Foggy Daaaaay . . .

Sung to the tune of  *Starry, starry night* if you like :o)

We have been held captive indoors for the past couple of months because of Shaun's operation & other health problems, but yesterday, I put my foot down with a firm hand and TOLD him in NO UNCERTAIN terms, that come hell or high water, rain, hail, fog or snow, we WERE going to walk into town, do a bit of shopping & then wend our weary way home again !!

I say *we* walk, of course I mean ME walk & he mobility scoot :o)

Maybe I should have kept quiet, because, as it turned out, it was a very foggy Autumnal morning. 

The garden looked quite eerie. I think Morty's preparing himself for Halloween :o)

The spiders had been busy in the early hours - the trees & bushes were just dripping in silver cobwebs.

There were so many webs in these bushes, but what amazed me were the snails climbing across the leaves. I'm always surprised at how leaves & branches can take the weight of creatures, be they birds, snails, slugs etc. :o)

As we left home, the fog seemed thicker in places. Didn't stop idiot drivers whizzing along with no lights on, though.

Normally, you can see quite a long way down the road here, but not yesterday :o)
By the time we'd reached the middle of town, there seemed to be hardly any fog around. However, along the front, it was a different story.

The harbour had its middle bridge up, so something was coming or going or had been & gone :o) Every now & then we could hear a bell on a mast or somewhere, ding-donging as a boat moved in the water. Through the fog, it sounded quite spooky :o)

Walking home along the prom, the sun was trying to get out & it was pretty hot on my back. Hardly anyone on the beach, but it wouldn't have surprised me if that changed during the afternoon.

I liked this view of the sea with the grass & wild flowers. Over to the left, is a small boat with a couple of people in. Not sure if they were fishing or just have a  bit of a sail :o)

Even though it was foggy, I thought the sea looked very inviting. As you can see, the sun was shining weakly on the water, but it still managed a twinkle or two :o)

Unfortunately, closer to home, the fog was thicker than ever !! There were two or three fishermen down on the path, but goodness knows how they could see their rods moving, let alone see what they'd caught. 
I LOVE living at the seaside, but to be honest, drowning worms is not my idea of fun !! :o)

From here, it's about a 15 minute walk to get home & by then, the sun really had come out. It was sweltering & for a couple of hours, it was just like Summer.

Today, the morning is bright & sunny, but there's that lovely nip in the air that signals Summer is virtually over & Autumn is just waiting to take over.

My favourite time of year :o)


  1. We had a beautiful day all day here on Monday Pat! Sorry you had a foggy walk but at least you got out for a little while :) Looking forward to seeing you both on Wednesday :) x

  2. Some beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing your walk with us.