Friday, 6 June 2014

Busy, busy, busy . . .

May has been & gone & here I sit in June, trying desperately to play catch up - once again - with my challenge parcels.
Here on Planet PeaJayKay, I'm rushing around getting nowhere fast but trying to fit all sorts of things into a day :o) I hope, soon, to have something other than cards to blog about, but in the meantime, here are May's selection. 

This is the first from Liz's parcel. I just embossed some plain white card & then used the busy multicoloured paper for matting & layering. The little girl image was coloured with pro-markers & since I took the photo, I have added a small gold number 3 to the top right hand corner of the image. I think it's a lovely little girl card & just right for a lovely little girl who will be 3 later in the year.

This is the second card & I really do NOT like it AT ALL. I hate the subject matter & I hate the girly-ness of it !! :o) It just isn't me in any way, shape or form. Very simple to do - cover a plain white card with the busy paper, stick the handbag topper onto a piece of contrasting die cut card & add a small bit of ribbon & a card candi. Stamp the sentiment on a smaller bit of the same die cut cut, add ribbon & another card candi & that's it.

The third & last from Liz's parcel - her favourite butterfly die !! :o) Again, a simple card. I used the busy butterfly covered paper as a background, added the blue card which was virtually the same colour as some of the butterflies, stuck the large silver die cut butterfly on top, added a bit of silver glitter strip across the bottom right corner, stamped the sentiment, added 3 silver card candi & again, that was it :o)

Now on to Terri's parcel.

The busy paper was hearts, hearts & more hearts, so I thought it would make a good background for an anniversary card. Included in the parcel was  paper almost the same shade of the darker green hearts on the busy paper, so I die cut that with a heart die, used a Forever Friends stamp on white card & die cut that with the same heart die. Yet again I added a sentiment & little gold hearts & another busy paper is used up :o)

Number 2 - I call this card *A little Goth-in-Training :o)*

You can't really see the busy paper here, but it's the scalloped circle around the little girl image & the sentiment. The paper was awful !! I'm sorry Terri, but it was !! It was red, black & white with birds all over it & I could think of nothing to improve it, which is why I used as little as possible on the card !! :o)  Because of the colours - red, black & white - I decided to just use the same colours for the rest of the card. I know it looks pink, but in *real* life, it's red.

All I did was use the image included, colour it with pro markers, emboss black card that Terri had included, stamp the greeting & then plonk - that's a technical term -  it all together :o)  I added a black glitter strip, coloured the bottom of the card with the same pro marker I'd used on the image & added a card candi.

And lastly - card no. 3.
As you can see, the top left hand card was pretty busy :o) I loved the Autumnal colours & when I saw the house image, I thought they'd go well together. All I did was use a terracotta coloured pro marker on the roof & door, green for the bushes & a brown for the fence. I mounted the image on the lovely terracotta coloured card & as I didn't have terracotta coloured card candi, I just coloured white card candi with the  pro marker I'd used for the roof, added the sentiment & card no. 3 was finished.

The theme for June is animals, so I wonder what delights await me in

However - things are afoot in my garden next week, so maybe I'll be able to blog about that first :o)


  1. It is amazing the number of ways we found to disguise those busy papers!!

  2. You did a good job Pat, I agree about the bird paper ........ I have no idea what to do with it, but you used it and that was the challenge, guess we never said how much had to show, LOL.
    The "girlie" bag card is ok but definitely not you (or me I'm afraid) ..... you just need someone "girlie" to send it to. I love what you did with the hearts paper. Well done

  3. They all look good well done Pat. I am watching footie Belgium USA extra time. I am not tired didnt get up till 4:00 Heather is in the shower and feeling tired. One Nil Belgium our son will be pleased. Hope Shaun is OK in this heat. XXX Don