Friday, 18 April 2014

Not Vivaldi's, but mine :o)

The Four Seasons, that is :o)
March's card challenge was my choice & I chose - yep, you got it - The Four Seasons :o) We had to make one card for each season from each parcel. If we managed to make more, all well & good :o)
From Liz's parcel, I managed the following cards. They are all very plain & simple, which, given the small amount of time I seem to have to do things these days, are right up my street :o)
The first card is Spring & I made it for my sister in law who has an April birthday. I love the simplicity of this stamp, so I didn't want to add too much colour. I have to say, I really liked how it turned out & I hope my SiL liked it, too :o)
The second stamp is Summer. I know you can see poppies in Spring, Summer & Autumn, but I chose this for Summer. It's one of my favourite stamps & whenever Liz includes it in a parcel, I just can't wait to use it. All I did with this was colour it with Pro markers, mount it on black card & then onto white card stock. It needs nothing more, the beauty of the stamp speaks for itself. I haven't added a sentiment yet, because I'm not sure what occasion I'll use it for. It's one of those very versatile stamps that can be used for birthdays, anniversaries, get well, thinking of you, best wishes or sympathy.

Now, when I first saw this scarecrow, other than yelling *AUTUMN !!* at me,  I didn't have a clue what to do with him. But, I love the end result :o) I decided to keep it as simple as possible & just used 4 colours - orange, brown, green & a gold/yellow.  I must learn to double check the straightness of my card candi though - every time I use them, they end up on a wonk !! :o)

Lastly, my Winter card. It just had to be a Christmas card, really, didn't it ? :o) It also covered Liz's extra challenge of making a Christmas card a month :o) Another fairly quick & easy card -  Pro markers for colouring the image,  a Christmas bauble embossing folder for the background, card candi, a *splarky* greeting & to make it a bit different, I used a scalloped die to cut the image out & then cut that in half.  As you know, I like traditional colours, so the birds' envelopes are red, gold & green :o)

Now on to Terri's cards.  Hmmmm. I really do NOT like the Spring card :o(  I had in my head a vision of pale beauty, instead, I ended up with  plain & BORING !!!! :o)
I love the stamp & I love lemon & yellow, but this really did not work.

For my Summer card - poppies again :o) Although I don't like red, except at Christmas, flowers, & poppies in particular, are the exception :o) Terri included this image, which I cut to make smaller. I just cuttlebugged the green card, added a strip of yellow diagonally across the top corner, mounted the poppy image on a pale green background & stuck it in place. I added a suingle yellow card candi, stamped the sentiment & that was it.

Terri didn't include an image/topper that I wanted to use for my Autumn card, so I rootled around in my digital stamp folder & found this image of a scarecrow, which I've had for ages but never had the opportunity to use. I have to say here though - I actually did Terri's parcel first so didn't know until after I'd made these cards, that Liz had included a scarecrow image in hers :o)
Anyhoo - using the fab brown card in Terri's parcel for background, I just added an orange glitter strip, coloured the image with Pro markers, tore the edge & wiped a light brown ink pad around it. A sentiment bunged across the corner & another one was done :o) I like this card, it's just so cheery, I think :o)

Last one - Winter & another Christmas card. Terri is probably the best recycler amongst us & she always includes an old card front, some wrapping paper or an image from a magazine. This time, she included the Forever Friend's image from an old Christmas card, so I thought I'd reuse it for the same purpose. Yet again, I die cut the original image, die cut a scalloped circle from the gold star & white paper to mount the image on & used the rest of it for the bottom of the card. I added gold mirror card on the top & then added the greeting & a glitter strip. Another card for the Christmas challenge & for my card stash :o)

April's challenge was Christmas cards & I managed 4 from each parcel. I'll be blogging those in a few days time.

 May's challenge is to use those busy, unuseable patterned papers we have. Colours that we don't normally use, bold, flowery patterns, that sort of thing.

Can't wait . . . . gulp !! :o)


  1. You did a great job Pat, lovely cards .............. I can see what you mean though about the first of "mine", the one that "didn't work", I can't actually see anything wrong with it but I can see it's not how it should look if you get me.
    Love your pic at the top of your Blog, oooooh the seaside, beautiful

  2. Ooooh I love all your cards, you are clever. I am not surprised however that both your Winter cards are Christmas Hope you have had a good Easter, see you both Wednesday :) xx

  3. And how did I miss seeing your post of all these lovely cards? Good job well done, as always :)