Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Black, white & one other . . .

Our swap theme for February was chosen by yours truly & it seems to have caused a bit of a rumpus :o) I chose black, white & ONE other colour. That was it. Nothing else, a plain & simple swap. Or so I thought . . .

I gave Liz black, white & yellow & I gave Terri black, white & purple. In return, I received black, white & lilac/purple from Liz & black, white & red (shudder !! I hate red, except at Christmas) from Terri.

Well, what a to do I caused !!  Liz made the most gorgeous teddy bear card, with the stamped image of a teddy bear & balloons that I'd included in the swap. She also made a lovely Easter card with an image of her own. The only problem was - they had other colours, not just black, white & yellow !!

I couldn't work out which part of black, white & ONE other colour she didn't understand & it turned out that she thought it meant only the paper/card could be black, white & one other colour - the images could be any colour. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . .

But anyhooo, we got over it & peace was restored to our craft rooms once more :o)

I did Liz's parcel a couple of weeks ago, so this weekend, I did Terri's & I have to say, considering I had red, with the exception of one or two of the cards I made, I'm pleased with the end result :o)

 This eagle card will be for Shaun. Eagles are his favourite big bird - apart from me, that is  !! :o)
By the time his birthday or our anniversary comes round, he'd have forgotten what this looks like, so that's OK :o)
 Now, considering I don't like red, I adore poppies. They're one of my favourite flowers :o) Liz let me borrow her stamp to make this card & I really love the way it turned out.

 Who doesn't like a cup cake now & again ? Especially one with a big, fat, juicy strawberry on top ? :o)
 The hibiscus flowers were a reddish orange colour & I think the card turned out OK using an off white border..
 This was difficult - an old image with hardly anything that could be coloured. The poor lady on the left looks like she's had her throat cut, but it's the ribbon on her bonnet :o) I'm not overly fond of this one.
 The butterfly Terri gave me, was a deep cerise pink. Not technically red, but you don't always have the exact thing to hand, do you ?  I wanted to do something simple with it & although it's OK, I'm not really keen on it.
Another one that didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped. I love the penguin image & thought he'd look all right on the snowflake background, but I think he needs a bit more *oomph*, really :o)
Terri has chosen March's theme - recycled. GULP !!! I think I may need a lie down in a darkened room before I attempt that :o)


  1. What a challenge month this turned out to be, eh? Was great visiting you and crafting together though. Lovely selection of cards and there are bound to be some people don't like as they haven't chosen the bits in the parcels. Remember what we said, though, just cos you don't like them doesn't mean to say someone won't like to receive it.

  2. I LOVE the butterfly card Pat - it's gorgeous .. So are the other cards too - but I love the way you've designed the butterfly card best .. xx

  3. BTW - could you have made the pink butterfly a red using your promarkers ? ..

    1. Isn't it funny how we differ so much ? :o) I think the butterfly one is plain & not very artistic !! :o)

      Ummmm - I didn't think about using promarkers to change the colour . . . I feel a *duh !!* moment coming on !!! :o) I really must THINK more !! :o)

  4. They are all lovely, I like the poppy one best :D xx