Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Last Blooms of Summer

When we went to the Secret Gardens - though they're really NOT so secret these days :o) - I took photos of the last flowers. If these are anything to go by, the Spring & Summer displays will be really beautiful :o)
This beautiful rose was in the border just after the Tropical Garden & looked so lovely with the sun shining on it.

 Not quite sure what this is, possibly from the Echinacea family ? Either way, the colour is gorgeous.
One of my favourites - the sunflower that really DOES do what it says on the box :o) Gardens with sunflowers in them seem to be brighter than those without.

A two toned dahlia, complete with buzzy bee :o) I can't, for the life of me, remember what this dahlia was called, but it had a lovely name &, judging by the bees, butterflies & grasshoppers around them, the wildlife really loved them, too :o)

 A white butterfly resting on the dahlia. There were loads of butterflies dancing amongst the garden, but this dahlia border seemed to attract the most.
 I think this grasshopper needs lessons in camouflage :o) A few inches to the left & he'd have had a better chance of not being spotted.
 I just loved this dahlia - the colours are so bright  cheerful.
 The bee liked this one, too :o)
 The cosmos were blowing about gently in the breeze. The borders looked so lovely with them all swaying from side to side.
 This pink dahlia was lovely with it's deeper pink centre & each layer getting paler & paler.There was a real cluster of flowers on this plant - & best of all - NO earwigs :o)

 A sunburst, fireball or flower ? Definitely a striking dahlia :o)

 The cosmos were so paper thin & delicate. The colours were beautiful.

 Each flower was slightly different but they all had a fragile beauty to them.

 Photos really don't do them justice. The colour around the edge of this cosmos was so rich & deep in comparison to the rest of it.
 So many different shades of pink.
 But - most importantly of all . . .
You can't get better than that, really :o)

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  1. Lovely photos :) I like the stripedy stripe one too, good colours for a piece of knitting for you maybe?? Socks, or a wooly 'at maybe? xxx