Thursday, 13 September 2012

OOH !! What a palaver !!! :o)

August is beginning to be a month that I dread. It seems that it's becoming a month where everything goes wrong. This August, the *everything happens in threes* saying became, for us, the *everything happens in MULTIPLES of threes* !! :o)

First of all, Shaun's mobility scooter broke down when we went to Fowlmead (see last blog post) & it turned out that a new throttle cable was needed. Unfortunately, the mobility shop were sent the wrong part & consequently, the scooter was in the shop for a fortnight. A few days later, on Tuesday afternoon, we went out for a walk & it just wasn't right - it was SOOO slow, it couldn't keep up with me walking along the road. So, Shaun phoned the shop & they arranged to pick it up on the Friday afternoon & have a look at it. When they bought it back, Shaun tried it out & it conked out halfway across the road. Thankfully, the mobility blokes were still here & helped get him back up to the house. They took the scooter away again, but as it was the Friday before Bank Holiday, we were, yet again, scooter-less. It was returned the following week having had some electrical connectors twiddled with :o) So far, he's used it once, just to go up the road & back. We've yet to put it in the car & take it somewhere, only to be disappointed that it's conked out, so WATCH THIS SPACE !!! :o)

Anyway, to cut a long story short - yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn !!! - the other things that have gone wrong are as follows:

2 - the ceiling light/fan pull came *orf in me 'and*. That was a palaver, I can tell you. Because Shaun is unable to stand or go up steps etc., muggins here had to unscrew & lower said light fitting from the ceiling & then, following instructions/ORDERS from himself, had to redo the light pull with electrical connectors - or something - & then screw it all back together on the ceiling.  Note how well up I am on the technical terms, please :o)

3 - my iron broke. Water started coming out of the handle & the foot plate. As I'm sure you can imagine, I was HEARTBROKEN. Completely & utterly gutted. My beautiful iron . . . sob :o(
I hate ironing. Can you tell ? :o) Anyway, I had to buy another one. Sob :o(

4 - the microwave suddenly stopped in the middle of doing some jacket potatoes. Ugh. Luckily, it turned out to be nothing more than a blown fuse.

5 - my beautiful stripy broom handle broke in half. Now, THAT I really WAS sad about !! Not because I couldn't sweep the floor, but because it was my beautiful STRIPY broom !!!  I now have a silver handle attched to a stripy broom head. If I'm not careful, I'll end up like Trigger from *Only Fools & Horses* & will have the same broom for 10 years - only it'll have had 3 new heads & 2 new handles !! :o)

6 - my kitchen scales decided to play silly wotsits. I weighed something out & it showed the correct weight, so I then added something & it was suddenly only half of what it had been. (Wish it worked like that for ME on the bathroom scales !!) After that happened 2 or 3 times, I decided it might be best to buy some new scales.

7 - the hoover lost the will to live :o(    One minute it was fine'n'dandy, the next it was squealing like it had sucked up a cat playing bagpies !! AND - when I switched it off, it refused to stand upright. The handle just kept throwing itself to the floor. I swear, if it could talk, it would have said something along the lines of *it's no good - I can't go on !!* & then just fluttered its eyelids & died. Which it pretty much did, really. So, now I have a new hoover. I've given it a good talking to & told it, in no uncertain terms, that if it decides to die on me, it has to do it quietly & not make a mess on the floor :o)

8 - Shaun's sewing machine decided to follow the hoover & threw itself to its death by falling off the table. Because he can't use his legs, he gave his electric sewing machine to our daughter & he had an old fashioned Singer that has a turny handle. The metal bar that makes the needle go up & down snapped off inside the machine & unfortunately, couldn't be fixed. That machine was over 100 years old & had a lovely stitch. So I was told - what do I know ? Sewing & I are NOT friends & never have been, not since the day I was 13 & in sewing class at school & somehow managed to sew my school skirt to the skirt I was making. My teacher told me NEVER to darken her classroom doorstep again. So I didn't.

And finally - the worst thing of all:

Just like the hoover, one day it was fine, the next it wasn't. I'd used it on the Monday evening, but on Tuesday morning, it was as dead a a dead thing can possibly be. If not deadererer.  I phoned PC World insurance thingy & was given a reference number & told to take the pc into the shop. Luckily, I have insurance on the pc that included data recovery, so along with the pc, I had to give them an external hard drive to save anything they could. It was away in the pc hospital for 2 weeks & it turned out that it had suffered from hard drive failure & power supply failure. My poor pooter had DIED :o(  Just like that. No indication that anything was wrong, no please-may-I-be-excused-I'm-not-feeling-very-well. Nothing. Just here one minute & gone the next. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh. However, the boffins at PC World DID manage to save all my photos, files & what have you. HOORAY !!!

So, here I am, 10 days after picking my pc back up, STILL trying to get it to how I had it & not getting anywhere very fast. It's been a busy couple weeks, what with medical apointments, but we had a lovely morning out yesterday, so the next blog will be about that. With pics. Nothing boring like this one, I promise :o)

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