Wednesday, 28 March 2012

How does your garden grow ?

It's been a busy couple of weeks here. Spring has arrived & with it, the dreaded *spring back* that we all suffer from when we rather foolishly drag put the spades & forks & get going in the garden.

I've been weeding, digging, sowing, sweeping & tidying up in general & I'm pleased to say my garden is beginning to look rather nice :o) There are buds on the fruit trees, buds on the flowers & the forsythia is a big splash of sunshine yellow that hits you as soon as you open the kitchen door :o)

The grass is beginning to grow & it's had 2 cuts already. The weeds, however, seem to double overnight & I'm sure they have a *grow-as-big-&-strong-in-a-short-space-of-time* gene that no other plant has :o) Still, as my Mum says - *a weed is just a wildflower in a place where you don't want it* Or words to that effect :o)

I love this time of year when the mind & body are equal to the enthusiasm. Give it a couple of months, when the weeds are bigger & taller, the grass needs cutting every week & the blackfly, snails, slugs  & cabbage whites are attacking the veggies & it'll be a different matter altogether !! :o)

But, in the meantime - welcome to my spring garden.

Some of the veggies & flowers sprouting in the greenhouse.

Looking down towards the house from the end of the garden. The pots all need sorting out, which is why they're up on the decking. The spring bulbs are all coming out & when you walk past the hyacinths, they smell glorious.

The pear tree blossom looks about to burst open.

One of the Japanese Quinces - such a beautiful colour, although it's actually a deeper pinky red than this photo shows.

The other Japanese Quince, this time a beautiful salmon pink colour. Every year I say to myself that I should use the fruit to make quince jam but I never have. Maybe this year . . . :o)
Kit's Korner, my little memorial garden. The daffodils look lovely swaying in the wind.

The back of the rockery. Yesterday, I sprinkled 1000s of seeds over it, so I should get a good display this summer. I'm not sure exactly what flowers they are, the boxes were mixed seeds - wildflowers, scented flowers, cottage garden flowers, flowers that attract bees & butterflies etc. I chucked them all in a large container, mixed them up & sprinkled :o)  Fingers crossed the birds don't find them & eat them :o)

This flower bed really needs a good sort out. I put the log roll border in today & although I weeded some of it, it's going to need a bit more TLC before it looks nicer

The forsythia behind the garage, seen from the kitchen door. It looks so lovely when the sun shines through it.

So. How does YOUR garden grow ? :o)


  1. I love your garden Pat, and it is looking very good :) I will personally inspect it next week.....haha!! I look all beautiful again now (stop laughing!!!) and got a little bit done in the garden too, the rest of the time was spent clearing up after my darling son and daughter!! Ho hum!
    Love to you both see you next week xxx

  2. Thank you, both. Still got a lot to do to it - I'm going to TRY to dig up the huge green grassy plant opposite the veg cage & move it somewhere else. I have NO idea how it got there because I didn't plant it & it's only been there for about 3 years. It's huge, though, with flower stems taller than me & the roots seem to go down, down, down. I may end up in Australia if I'm not careful :o)

  3. Mum you need to set up a new blog of photography or something because you are amazingly good at taking photos.