Sunday, 11 March 2012

And then there were none . . .

Farewell Richborough Power Station Towers

Love them or loathe them, it was the end of an era this morning when the skyline of Thanet changed forever. 

Richborough Towers have always been there in my lifetime. They were a welcome sight coming back from a long journey because you knew you were almost home.They were a navigational aid & after decommisioning, they were home to wildlife.

The chimneys as we knew them, viewed from the clifftop at Courtstairs. 

 In less than a minute they were down.

 It was an amazing sight, although I must admit to feeling a bit sad, too.

 I'm not keen on change, I feel safer when things carry on as they are.

 But - change happens & whether or not this will be a good thing for the local area remains to be seen.

 The cliff tops & the roads leading to them were crowded. I have never seen so many people gathering in one spot before. It seems like the whole of Thanet turned out, not just the people of Ramsgate & Sandwich.

I wonder what it'll look like once the dust clears ?

It's going to be strange driving past & not seeing the towers, it's going to seem strange looking across the cliff top & not seeing them every day, but we have to look to the future & try to make the best of it, no matter how we feel about what's gone before.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the photos, kind of wish I had gone somewhere to see it now!! Not to worry. I am kind of sad to see them go, they have been there all my life, lets hope that they replace them with something good and don't just let the area deteriorate into wilderness. Mind you that would be good for the wildlife in that area. Love to you both xxx