Friday, 28 February 2014

Before The Big Garden Spring Clean . . .

. . . I thought I'd better quickly blog the cards I made from February's 1, 2, 3, challenge. I would have done it earlier, but the days have just flashed by & here we are, at the end of the month already.
This month's challenge was Liz's choice & I managed to make 6 cards from her parcel. I'm only showing 5 here because the 6th one is for Grandson 1a's birthday in September & as it has his name on it, I'd rather not blog it.
Anyhoooooooo - here we go.
The challenge was 1 piece of plain paper or card, 2 pieces of patterned paper or card & 3 embellishments.
These are from Liz's parcel.
The yellow card is mottled with pinky bits in it & the happy birthday card is well & truly patterned, so I just added the plain blue card, a car topper, the greeting & 3 blue card candi embellishments.
Now, I don't really like red except at Christmas, but I quite like this card & the next one :o) This has a plain strip of red on the left hand side, 3 silver card candi embellishments & a silver greeting. The red card was put through my cuttlebug & I cut the three flowers out of a card of four. The flowers & embossed card are the 2 patterned bits.
This card is a favourite. I got the agapanthus stamp for my birthday & I LOVE it. So much so, I've used on on most of Terri's cards :o) This is a simple card - red card with a stamped image as the topper, plain red strip across the card, patterned background paper, three green card candi embellishments & a mottled cream background card to mount the stamped image on.
 I don't like this one very much. It didn't turn out as I pictured it, unfortunately. Again, plain paper with a stamped image, mounted on patterned paper with another patterned paper as the background. A greeting was added & yet again, 3 card candi embellishments.
This is a fave, too :o) Just right for a little girl who's going to be 5 soon.  The lilac star is the plain card, the patterned is the happy birthday paper on the left & the main card background. The three embellishments this time are the three polka dot pink butterflies.
Now onto Terri's parcel.
 This is a favourite. Plain & simple, just like me :o) Plus it's green, my favourite colour :o)
My agapanthus stamp stamped onto patterned, textured paper which I think gives it a different look.
And I've just realised that I used the circle pattern paper TWICE !!! OOOPS !! Sorry, Terri :o(
Plain background, patterned card stamped with the agapanthus stamp again, patterned tartan type card & 3 different coloured card candi to pull all the colours together :o) This card is growing on me :o)
Apart from the stamped image, I really don't like this card at all. The patterned paper covers most of the card but there is a plain piece on either side. The three embellishments are the green jewel butterflies.
Lastly, a card for any occasion :o) No greeting/sentiment yet, I'm waiting for the right time to use it. The green card is plain so I added the three flowers as embellishments & stuck them to the patterned purple strip of card. I then just stuck that onto the green & purple background card. Simples :o)
Next month is my choice - the Four Seasons. 
And talking of seasons - 'tis the season to start the garden clean up, and after the wind & rain we've had, it's going to be a big job, with lots of changes going on this  year.
Watch this space :o)


  1. You did well, some lovely cards there .......... I don't like green but I really like that first green card with the two circles, even if you did use the same paper twice (does it matter?). I found this challenge soooo hard, have to blog my last few soon but need to finish a couple of bits first!!!!

  2. Some lovely cards there, Pat. Terri and I discussed the 1,2,3 and agreed it was a bit ambiguous. TDoes two pieces of the same paper (plain or patterned) count as one piece or two. I just decided we would go with whatever we had interpreted it as.