Friday, 20 September 2013

The Sky at Night - & in the Morning :o)

This past month or so I have seen some of the most beautiful clouds, sunrises & sunsets. Every now & then, Mother Nature throws something into the works that takes our breath away & in my opinion, the sky at night & early in the morning, is one of those.
In no particular date order, here are some photos I've taken over the past few weeks :o)

I just love this first photo. It's just so dramatic & moody. Somewhat like me at times !! :o)

This pic and the one below look, to me, as though the day didn't quite know what to do with itself :o) Would it be cloudy, would it be sunny, would it rain or would it be dry ?

 It decided to be all four. Because it could :o)

The sunset seen from my front door is just amazing. I'm lucky enough to have a fairly clear & uninterrupted view of the sky, simply because my house is a bit higher than those across the road.
I loved the shape of this cloud as it drifted across the sky. I also loved the mist below it, making everything in the distance a bit hazy.
This was the sunrise on Tuesday, so beautiful.

The sunset a couple of weeks ago. I love the mistiness in the distance.

The different levels of streaky pink & grey are just so lovely. I could watch the changing colours for ages.

This sunrise was spectacular. It was like a huge gold beacon just burst out of the sky . . .

and the rest of the clouds just tumbled, all pink & fluffy, into a new day :o)
Mother Nature. The world's greatest artist :o)


  1. How refreshing to find someone else who can see the beauty of nature around us in that precious moment in time we have been given in this life. A sense of humour that I’m sure is valued beyond anything else as well by all in your character, someone who marvels each day at what is seen around them instead of grumbling about some misfortune; Beautiful my dear, stunning pictures from home.

  2. I just love those pictures Pat. Sunsets and cloudscapes are just wonderful - fires the soul

  3. Gorgeous pics Pat, I love seeing the shapes & patterns clouds/sunrise/sunsets make across the sky, could watch them for hours

  4. I love this series of photos, isn't nature wonderful? Thanks for sharing :) xx