Monday, 5 August 2013

Heavenly Hollyhocks

and other beautiful flowers :o)
Over the past few days, I've been taking photos of the flowers in my garden. Even though it's a big garden, it never really looks better than in the Spring, when the trees are in blossom & the daffodils and Aquelegia are out.
I love old fashioned, country cottage type flowers & have been lucky enough to grow quite a few from seed, including one of my all time favourites, Hollyhocks :o)
I only have 3 colours -  a burgundy,a deepish pink & a most gorgeous pale pinky white one - but I'm positive I used to have a yellow one. Gawd knows where it's gone, though. I'll have to look out for one next year, I think, to replace it.
Anyhoo - when I was taking some photos, I managed to get 4 of a buzzy bee, doing what he does best - collecting pollen from my Hollyhocks :o)
 Here he is on the start of his journey in this particular flower.
In this pic, he seems to be having a good old rootle around.
In this one, he seems to have disappeared right deep inside.
And here he is again, almost completely covered. I bet he weighed a lot more going back to the hive than he did coming out :o) A good job jobbed, as my Mum would say :o)
This is one of the taller Hollyhocks - you can see it's taller than the fence between us & next door & that fence is taller than me :o)

I adore this one - the colour is just so beautiful & delicate.

One of my jobs this week is to tie them back to the fence. I can't get in the greenhouse because they are so unwieldy :o) I also need to tie the honeysuckle back because it's fallen off the top of the fence & is blocking my way into the veg cage. I have to bend double to get under it & being a PeaJayKay of the well upholstered variety, it isn't easy !! :o)

I love the colour of this Caen anemone.

Now this is one of my all time favourite flowers - Hemerocallis, also known as the Day Lily because each flower only lasts a day.  It's in the top 3 of my *Top Ten Must Haves* in the garden :o)

The delicate looking Dog rose. As much as I love the colour of this, it's not in my *Top Ten* :o)
A definite in my list - Japanese anemone. I only have the white variety but I would love to have a pink one, too.
 Poppies are a must have. Not only for their delicate beauty, but for what they signify.
Lest We Forget.
I  just love this peach coloured Gladioli.
I've always loved Gladi's - maybe when I was a kid, I had a premonition that I'd marry an Australian. If so, it sort of came true - Shaun's half Australian  :o)  

A red gladi :o) 
I'm not a lover of the colour red, but red flowers & red at Christmas are a must :o)

This beautiful little red rose is in my little memorial garden, known as Kit's Korner. This rose is in memory of Peg, a dear friend who died a few years ago.

And finally, this rose is also in Kit's Korner. It's in memory of Johno, who, once he'd learned to Trivvie hug, didn't want to stop :o)
I have a long list of things to do in the garden this week & I'm pleased to say that after the appalling weather we had last year, things are growing well in the veg cage. Even the courgettes have survived !! :o)
Here's to a happy harvest :o)


  1. It's lovely you have a memorial corner in your garden. I love Gladies too, and Dame Edna who made them so famously Australian xx.

    1. Thanks Jen :o) Gladi's shout summer to me & I really love seeing them popping up every year.

  2. OOoo lovel flowers Pat; your garden is a delight to visit

    1. It's the big summer tidy up this week :o) Bushes need cutting back, weeds need pulling, roses need dead heading & it all just needs a good going over. Fingers crossed the next 3 or 4 days stay dry so I can get on out there :o)

  3. Love all your flowers, great shots :) xx