Thursday, 6 June 2013

I like them, but . . .

they ain't my bag, baby !! :o)
Terri decided that we were to do a couple of non traditional type Christmas cards this month & I know that not only did I have a panic attack, but Liz, who is normally very quiet & self controlled, fainted on the spot !!
We had to get a man in uniform to revive her & then a dog with a barrel of *summat nice* to help her recover fully !! :o) 
Anyway, this is going to be a short blog - *HURRAY !!* I hear you cry - because I have a special cake to make today. Grandson 1b is 3 tomorrow & as we'll be seeing him in the afternoon, I want to make him a little birthday cake.
Anyhooooo - on to the cards. Only two from Terri's parcel so far, but I have 2 more in the planning stages :o)
 I loved this little image when I saw it & I just thought the colour of the scarf went so well with the colour of the background paper. NOT my idea of Christmas colours at all, but I do like the card :o) I think it'd be nice for a little girl.
  Blue is a very wintry colour, just right for putting with silver & making you go *brrrrrrrr* :o) Another image I loved when I saw it, I just thought that using a red greeting balanced out the red of Father Christmas's outfit. The backing paper was mine & I used a punch to make the snowflakes.
Now, she can't say I haven't departed from my usual custom, can she ??!! :o)
And now, it's housework/baking/gardening/ironing time. Not neccesarily in that order, though :o)
Have a fab Thursday, whatever you do & wherever you are :o)


  1. The little polar bear is adorable in his woolen scarf!

  2. You did good .......... after you got over your panic, LOL, ...... see I was quite gentle on you really, after I could have chosen colours like orange or bright pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. eeeek ..... orange /christmas, quick send for the St Bernard LOL

    Good job on those Pat, they are lovely

  4. LOL, now you see how gentle I was with you both