Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Well !!! Goodgriefalmighty !!! They said the age of miracles was dead, but this morning, when I got back from shopping & was helping 'imself
 out of the car, a miracle happened right before my very eyes !!
*What ???* I hear you cry !! Well, hold on to your 'ats, cos here it comes:
A sucky-up-machine was only in my road, doing what a sucky up machine does best -
One of my neighbours came out at that very moment & crossed over in shock to tell me that she's lived in this road for 27 years & this is the FIRST time she's ever seen the drains cleaned out.
 A true miracle if ever there was one !! :o)
And just to prove it, here are some pics.
The sight that met my eyes :o)
Getting the sucky-up pipe thing in place.
Giving it a good ol' scrub & a suck :o)
A job well jobbed ? Well, we'll have to wait & see what happens
when it rains again :o)
Goodbye Mr. Sucky-Up-Men & thank you :o)
Let's just hope it isn't another 27 years before we see you again !! :o)

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  1. My you are lucky!! We don't see sucky up machines round our way either, and there is usually a lake in the alley behind our house when it rains!!
    Feeling a bit better today, back to work tomorrow :( should be fine for next week :) Love to you both