Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Fings wot I 'ave made recently :o)

I don't usually speak like that, you know :o) I may be a common, working class girl - & PROUD of it - but I do know 'ow to speak proper, the way wot me muvva taught me :o)

BUT !!! I digress. (See ? I DO know posh words !!)

It's been a busy week or two here, what with trying to get the decorating finished, medical appointments for his nibs, a special little someone's 2nd birthday & trying to avoid the rain, but I've managed to make a few cards & knit a few bits. So, for your delectation & delight (Heh !! MORE posh words !!) not to mention boredom, here are a few of them.

A 30th birthday card for someone who's a bit of a punk rocker. I didn't have a stamp of someone with a mohican, so this had to do :o)

 Gorgeous grandson 1b was 2 & he is besotted with Thomas the Tank Engine, so this was a must birthday card for him. He loved it & kept saying *Thomas, Thomas* over & over as he looked at it :o)

 Some of my best friends have had birthdays recently. This one is for Karen, one of the most dedicated nurses the NHS could wish for. Undervalued & unappreciated, in my opinion, except by those of us who love her.

 This card was for Peter, who loves steam trains. He's very kind, has a great sense of humour & like his wife, Liz, is just one of the best. When you need a friend in time of trouble, you couldn't ask for anyone better  :o)

 I made this card for 'imself, his nibs, the other 'alf, whatever you want to call him :o) When he's awake, he answers to *Shaun*, but as he's asleep more than he is awake, I call him whatever I like & he knows nothing about it !! :o) Mean ? Cruel ? Yep !!! That's me !! ;o)

 This card is for Terri - I hope she doesn't read my blog before Friday, otherwise she'll see her card here first !! :o) Terri is another fab friend. She's quiet & thoughtful, she's a listener & doesn't judge people. Terri is someone you feel comfortable with from the very first time you meet her.

This card was for Val, who, over the past year, has become a much loved & valued friend. She's been Shaun's personal Occupational Therapist, teaching him to make lace, something he always wanted to do, but being a big, burly bloke, used to worry about what people would think. She's encouraged & helped him every step of the way & gives up most of her Wednesday mornings to come over to us. Being mostly in a wheelchair, there aren't many things Shaun can do without help,  but he's made everything he needs to make lace & he's spent many an evening spangling his bobbins !! :o)

We've both been blessed with some wonderful friends & although we don't say it often, we appreciate everyone of them.

Now, onto a bit of knitting :o)

 SOCKS !!! As I was knitting the first sock, I thought the colours reminded me of Fruit Pastilles. So, I just had to buy a packet & - purely in the name of research, you understand - opened them up & put them with the partly knitted sock to see if I was right. Well, they could be twins, really, couldn't they ? :o)

Here are the finished socks - not a very good pic, really & quite why my *PJK :o)* watermark thingy is that big is anyone's guess !!  :o)

Anyway, these socks are for my daughter for Christmas & I've called them *Sweet Feet Fruit Pastille Socks* :o) She knows I've knitted them for her, but hopefully, by the time Christmas gets here, she'll have forgotten. If she hasn't, then I hope she'll have perfected  her *Oh-what-a-surprise-they're-just-what-I-wanted-however-did-you-know ?* speech !! :o)

Disclaimer: No fruit pastilles were intentionally hurt in the making of these socks. They gave themselves willingly !!! :o)

Have a great Wednesday, whatever you do :o)


  1. Love the blog post Pat, keep them coming

  2. You know I always have the "Wow! It's just what I've always wanted!" down to a tee, I've been practicing since I was small!